It's been revealed in the Wall Street Journal with AT&T Mobility Chief Executive Ralph de la Vega that the ATRIX 4G will be going on presale with AT&T starting on February 13th (right at the beginning of Mobile World Congress 2011, which Android Community will be attending.) Furthermore, the WSJ revealed that the release date for the ATRIX 4G is set for March 6th. The phone will be priced at $199.99 with a two-year agreement, and $499.99 if you purchase the phone with the laptop dock at the same time.

What a price jump! The laptop dock they speak of can be seen in the video below. It appears to either be a laptop that you can plug the ATRIX 4G into, or a dock that you can plug the ATRIX 4G into that then plugs into whichever laptop you've got. As far as the price goes, it makes us wonder about the legitimacy of the Costco Price we posted about a week ago.

This phone appears to be ramping up to be a sort of introduction to everywhere computing, at the same time both affordable and advanced, making this Android phone a very accessible situation indeed. Have a look at the video and the laptop dock both above and below:

[youtube mWEvWYbxLEo]

NOTE: also head over to SlashGear for our hands-on video and pics.

[Via WSJ]

  • Zoe

    what a sweet phone i have been looking for something like this for long time,
    I can see my self doing alot of things with it. But “wow”…! the price is alittle to high
    in my mind. Come on in 2 years from now there will be something better then this.
    And maybe not cost as much, so i think i will wait alittle bit when the price drops!!
    An it will drop down in price….. 🙂

  • Cezarslice

    Yeah the atrix will reign as the best phone for awhile…I mean it’s got everything and then some. The dock pricing is aliiiitle too high but I have a feeling that by the 2011 holiday season, it’ll be affordable. You can bet I’m getting this on march 6th (or sooner) 😀