All of you Droid fans will be happy to know that whilst taking a closer look at the Atrix 4G today, we noticed that the battery is in the same family as the model found in the Droid X. Upon even closer inspection and testing, we found that the batteries are swappable, meaning you’re going to have essentially the same battery potential with the Atrix 4G that you’ve had with your Droid X when you bust it out after it’s released.

While this does say something about the potential for battery life, it doesn’t mean that the Atrix 4G will certainly last as long during the day as your Droid X does. On the other hand, it might last longer! We’ll let you know once we’ve had a few days with the Atrix 4G at least – don’t want any false positives. Have a look above (Atrix 4G) and below (Droid X) at the photos we’ve taken of the batteries, then head back to the reviews and unboxings of either device: Droid X and Atrix 4G.

  • Larry Mao

    Does this mean we can use the Atrix battery on the Droid X too?

    • It would appear so. Do so on your own risk though, of course.

  • Anonymous

    This makes no sense. The Atrix battery is ~1900 mAh. The Droid X battery is 1540. Are they physically the same size? If so, that’s impressive that Moto was able to size down a 1940 mAh battery so much.

    • moosc

      The same battery on DroidX bh6x is slightly thicker and comes with new battery door. Also DroidX battery rated at 1880mah

  • Crs

    they have good hardware, but it will sucks after less than year, because motorola don’t support software part and even does’t alow to do something

  • Jim

    That’s just the optional extended droid X battery… it’s in my phone right now.

  • moosc

    Ok moto says 1940mah on the bh6x battery. But same battery on my is 1880mah so can u pull the battery and see what is on the back side please

  • Reainhard

    in regards to the battery the bh6x you have in the atrix i bought as an extented battery for my xand works great and giving me longey life

  • Foelsg1

    I just bought the Atrix on Friday and the battery sucks compared to my other phones I’ve owned (Blackberry, Iphone and Treo). After talking to one or two people for 10min ea, some web surfing, 5 txt messages, and one 5sec App download the phone is dead!!! I feel like this thing is in the charger all day! Phone is awesome and 4G rocks, but battery needs to be better.