Motorola Android 4.0 smartphone powered by Intel leaks, coming to MWC

February 13, 2012

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What do we have here? Some juicy new photos of Motorola's next smartphone that will be two firsts for Motorola. We are hearing this phone will be Intel-powered and run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. With Google's acquisition of Motorola coming along smoothly this afternoon this news comes at the perfect time. Although I still see some Moto Blur UI included sadly. Check out the unique press image leaked.

This Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device potential rocking Intel under the hood is just breaking the surface so the details are a bit light. Thanks to PocketNow we have a few details but nothing concrete or remotely confirmed. First off the design seems really industrial with those unique aluminum pins on the side -- and obviously it has no buttons running on Ice Cream Sandwich.

That is about all we know really -- other than sources are claiming this will be powered by Intel's Medfield mobile processor. Obviously being new to the game Intel probably is still working out the power consumption and it appears this device wont be RAZR thin, but still looks quite impressive. According to the reports we should be seeing this mystery smartphone at Mobile World Congress in Spain later this month -- so that is exciting.

Why it has a huge bezel on the bottom when it doesn't require capacitive buttons sure beats me. Looking at the render we suspect something around 4.3" for screen size but it's too early to tell. Stay tuned for more details as we start prying for more information.

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  • An ICS phone with a proprietary UI that still manages to look like ICS? Impressive. It appears Motorola is doing it right.

    • Gtaylorg98

      They haven’t done a htc them. If htc did some market research, they would find that the majority of consumers prefer a stock look with a little theming here and then. Rather than a full on skin that looks nothing like android at al!

  • moto doing a device with an intel chip ?????????………, i know it’s  2 companies now but it still souds unholy…………groovy baby me like it  , hey intel can you do somethin cool with a moto chip too ?

  • Kevin Kerr

    Fugly as shit. Make a Motorola branded Nexus already!

  • Me Jack888

    Nice post. Its realy nice. More info help me.I think this flying f605 is good too.