Ever so slightly, we’re learning about the follow-up for the Moto X. The popular handset’s follow-up has been rumored for quite some time, though little is known about it to this point. Motorola, however, spilled the beans on a name for the new handset via their website.

Some enterprising folks have found the device name by altering the URL a touch in MotoMaker. Motorola’s customization portal allowed those who switched a “1” to a “2” in the URL just after the device name to mention an “X+1” device. There was a button, but no details were offered up other than the name.

From there we can gauge the device will likely be customizable, and the name will be the Moto X+1. This will lead to a lot of speculation, of which we’ll have lots of fun with. For instance, what does “+1” mean? They could have named it anything — X2, XX, etc. — but “+1” may hint at a spec we’re not thinking of. Dual camera, maybe?

It’s all very early, and Motorola hasn’t yet begun to seed leaked info for the device. We think it will keep the same form factor as the original, but offer updated specs (and perhaps a dual camera). Set to debut sometime toward the end of summer/early fall, the Moto X+1 should turn heads just like the original. It remains to be seen if the world will care as much about a resurgent Motorola that makes outstanding phones now that they’re not a Google company.

Via: Droid Life

  • Mike Ennamorato

    What is up with all these “ONE” devices!

  • I am wondering if the +1 is really the follow-up or maybe another phone in the line. The leaked specs imply a bigger phone. Is it possible that they are doing a larger version along with a sequel?

    • Liaw Kim Poh

      Moto X + 1-inch display size 😀

  • Harry_Wild

    “debut sometime toward the end of summer/early fall, the Moto X+1 should turn heads just like the original.”

    Apple’s iPhone 6 is going be announced in August follow by Apple phablet
    in September. There will be no coverage of the Moto X+1 by the media or anyone else! I think Lenovo should think about doing it in June/July just to get some press and sales going with no competition for sales!

    • ABS333

      Agreed! Why do phone manufacturers all release like clockwork? A June release makes a great graduation gift for your college-bound teen. Matching phones in February for a V-day gift. Come on, marketing people, get creative!

  • Roger

    It’s going to be called the Moto X-cuse. As in X-cuse us for being stupid enough to not include an sd card slot in the first version.

  • Tarata

    maybe a cue for Google+ which is +1? therefore Moto X +1? (but then I forgot it already bought by lenovo)