On a cold day back in December the Wall Street Journal shook up the Android world with a big rumor from insider sources that Google and Motorola had partnered up to release some next-gen devices. Those being rumored as the X-Phone and the X-Tablet. Fast forward to yesterday, and Motorola has officially announced the Moto X smartphone. So what’s next? The Moto X Tablet of course!

As the original report and rumor went. Google was internally working on a new pair of devices with their newly acquired hardware partner Motorola, and the internal name was the X-Phone and the X-Tablet. Now after months and months of speculation, leaks, and waiting we finally have the first device and now I’m wondering when we’ll see the second one.

The rumor talked about a phone with “evolutionary” features, great battery life, and new designs like a ceramic back. Well, that was for the most part true, only the ceramic has been replaced with customizable colors and wood frames for the Moto X. That same leakster stated that the X-Phone was finished and in the final testing phase, and that work had already started on the X-Tablet. This was way back in December of last year and we’re just seeing the Moto X. So when will we see the X Tablet? That is anyone’s guess.

So after all the excitement yesterday about the Moto X, or disappointment by some, I instantly started thinking about the next logical step for Motorola. Will they wait to see how successful the Moto X is before moving forward on a tablet, or is it already well under way and only a matter of time? If they already were working on it back in December, it’s highly plausible that by now it is in the final testing stages, and could be announced in the next few months.


The folks from Motorola haven’t had the best track record with Android tablets. The XOOM was, well, the first Honeycomb slate and was unpolished to say the least. The Motorola XYBOARD tablets were odd to look at, but ran quite well. Add in the fact that Google’s been pushing extremely hard in the tablet market with the Nexus 7, and the new Nexus 7, it only makes sense for them to take the same approach with Motorola on a tablet.

If we had to guess, a Moto X Tablet is coming extremely soon. And to add fuel to the fire it’ll likely come in with stunning specs and custom features. Then again rely heavily on Google Now touchless controls, take a similar approach as the Moto X, and probably attempt to rival the Nexus 7 on price.

  • SmokeNMirrors

    I can’t afford a $600 X-Tab!

    • hahaha.

      Hopefully it’ll be $249 or something.

      • SmokeNMirrors

        That was the hope for the X-Phone. I don’t expect anything different on a tab…

      • Likemystory

        Tbh the only way Google can get me to even contemplate a Motorola device, is by branding it a nexus so all us outside the US know we’ll get some software support & not ignored!

      • Batman

        mate, I’m in Australia and own a Xoom that is possibly the most adaptive and performance freak of technology ive seen yet. You say IGNORED? Sorry dude even if you were on another planet you and the MOTO would be find and keep you safe, alive and havin the time of your life.

      • John Kiser

        The X-Phone was designed and assembled entirely domestically so that is why it has a high price. If you want cheaper devices then we end up supporting chinese labor (which ends up bringing other companies in bigger profit margins than it would Moto in this case)

  • Captain_Doug

    Bought the wife a Xyboard 8.2. I can’t get over how amazing it is to hold. It’s just built so perfectly. 7″ tablets seem a little small but the Xyboard is just awesome. IT should be getting an update to Jelly Bean as well which will breathe new life into it. I might buy another one instead of a Nexus 7(2013) We got a 32GB LTE model for $260. We don’t use the LTE but we could pop in a sim anytime. Anyway, the point is, Moto builds the best hardware. End of story.

    • tumpy_1

      I will + that, My Xoom Verizon built but now a wifi only, With the help of a dev over at Xda dreamcwli my Xoom is up todate with JB 4.2.2 and can’t wait to get another moto tablet….

  • Cal Rankin

    Sounds good. Just make it an x10 architecture. Like the X8, but with a quad-core processor.

  • I don’t expect anything different on a tab. Moto X is big turn