Moto X Moto Maker and Developer Edition Cyber Monday offers go live


Motorola has gone full swing with the holiday discounts. Last week brought news of a Moto X Cyber Monday sale. Not to mention, Motorola was offering some Black Friday discounts as well. Well, as today is Cyber Monday — the focus appears to be on the Moto X discounts. Specifically, for the Moto Maker and Developer Edition models.


In this case Motorola is offering the handsets at $150 off the regular price. Essentially, this means the 16GB Moto Maker will be $350 and the 32GB model will be $400. Or in other words, we are talking Nexus 5 prices here. Of course, the catch with the Moto Maker deals — this is only going to be available for one day, December 2nd.

The same $150 discount also applies to the Developer Edition models of the Moto X. While there is a Moto Maker option available for a variety of carriers, those browsing will see just two models of the Developer Edition. In this case you are looking to GSM which offers support for AT&T and T-Mobile or CDMA which supports Verizon Wireless.

But regardless of whether you choose GSM or Verizon Wireless, the price will be the same at $400. Keep in mind, all of the prices mentioned here are contract-free, which means you can buy the handset and then go direct to the carrier for a SIM, or hit up one of the third-party options such as Straight Talk.

That all being said, while Motorola has officially announced this special Cyber Monday offer — the Motorola site seems to be struggling a bit. Simply put, if you are looking to take advantage of this offer, some patience may be required.

[Update] It seems the Developer Edition has sold out (both GSM and Verizon). We are currently looking towards the @Motorola Twitter account, but for now the Moto Maker deal remains offline and therefor, unavailable at the moment.

  • Reed

    it is NOT live. period. They are going to post updates everywhere when the deals go live as the websites are experiencing terrible issues.

    • ejl10

      I’ve got to agree – there doesn’t seem to be anything “live” about this deal. Even if it were, I wonder if it’s worth dropping $400 to get a slightly custom 32GB version vs. a plain 16GB version subsidized for $0.01 on Amazon…

      • arvindsg

        The difference is the 2-year contract with the $0.01 one at Amazon 🙂 The $350/$400 ones are off-contract.

      • Reed

        Depends on your needs. If you want more storage and want to save money on prepaid, then its the way to go. If you dont mind paying more in the long run but want a smaller up front cost and less storage, go for Amazon.

  • Marvin the paranoid android

    Yeah, I just tried to buy and I am getting the original price. Website is super slow too.

  • I_R_A_Darth_Aggie

    I managed to get thru and shop for the developer Verizon version, but there was no $150 price discount, it was the full $549.

  • Avi M

    Looks like Robert Nelson wrote this a few days ago and just published it without even checking the Motorola site. Great journalism.

  • The No Name Man

    The site’s been crashing (or super slow) since before the deal started. Also, the VZW dev edition still carries a $549.99 price tag.

    • hoosiercub88

      All of the 32Gb version are still carrying the $549 price tag.. it hasn’t gone on sale yet.

  • U will

    Now Motorola Maker does not even offer Signature on the back of the phone option. Not to mention Checkout button has been taken out and they dropped phone call for sale couple times with message unable to take your call. Total screw up

  • Thongpraparn Khajornkham

    I thought, I’m the only one that did not get the promotion. Thanks for all the comments.

  • PissedOff

    After working nights, I stayed up until 10am CST to ensure I would be able to order the Verizon Dev Edition. Finally I decided to try to get some sleep. I woke up at 2pm and tried again. I get all the way to the Checkout button and get and error message stating that the phone is long longer available. I called Motorola Sales and confirmed it. I am pissed off to say the least!!! Motorola should have beefed up their servers for this sale. Oh well such is life, I guess…

  • LarryLars

    You can try mine: