Yes, Motorola is doing it again. For the n-th time now, the Moto X is getting a limited time discount, this time exclusive to a wireless provider. Until July 16 only, Buyers can get a 16 GB Moto X from Net10 Wireless, without a contract, for only $299.99.

That’s a pretty sweet $100 deduction from the normal price of that particular model. And you won’t have to settle for some drab carrier design as you can customize your Moto X to your heart’s content via Moto Maker, You can even add a wood back if you want, but of course it will cost you an additional $25. And there is no catch at all, except that you need to put in your order before July 16.

The first two or three times that Motorola gave the Moto X a price cut, everyone was all fired up But after half a dozen or so of the same thing, some are beginning to wonder what is up. Motorola isn’t giving any indication that it is interested in a Moto X refresh, having just opened up Moto Maker in Germany, the first time it has done so outside the US. With the smartphone’s birthday fast approaching, it is anyone’s guess whether there will really be a Moto X+1 anytime soon.

In any case, if you are still quite interested in getting this admittedly significant piece of Android history, hit the source link below to see Motorola’s tweet and link to a pre-configured Moto Maker page. As a bonus, the manufacturer is also throwing in a 50 percent discount for cases.

SOURCE: Motorola

  • bitflung

    funny, that limited time sale price is the standard full purchase price for my carrier (Republic Wireless). oh wait, sorry, there’s a $50 upcharge for my carrier to if you want to use moto maker. pft.

    what’s more, the plans are both more expensive and lower quality at net10:
    $35 talk and text at net10 costs just $10 with republic
    $40 talk/text/data has a 500MB cap which is about the same as republic’s $25 3G only plan
    $60 talk/text/data has 3.5GB of data, closest match is republic’s 5GB LTE plan for $40

    any way you slice it, net10 is kinda sucking hind tit here.

    • guest

      Any way you slice it, you’re still on the Sprint network…