Rumors about the Moto G have been floating around for some time, but now it seems to be confirmed as as mid-range dynamo. Like any lower spec phone, it’s not going to wow the tech enthusiasts, but if a leaked advertisement is correct — and the device comes to the US — Motorola may have a tightly wound winner on their hand.

First, we’ve long heard rumors that those vibrant Motorola back plates leaked so long ago were for the Moto G. We still can’t technically confirm that, but if you look on the lower edge of the image below you’ll see language regarding different colors for the Moto G.

Spec hounds won’t enjoy what they see here, but that’s okay: this phone isn’t for them. A Qualcomm 1.2GHz quad-core (likely a Snapdragon 400) is on-board, along with a 5MP rear camera and 1.3MP front-facing shooter. It’s got a 4.5-inch 1280×720 screen with 329ppi, wrapped in Gorilla Glass. It can shoot 720p video, and will run Android 4.3 Jellybean. Sadly, on 8GB of storage is present.

It also notes a “water repellent coating”, though we’re not sure what that means. The real winner here is the price; according to GSM Arena, they’re being told it’ll hit the UK at £134.95, which is right at $200. We’re not sure if that’s some sort of contracted or pay-down pricing, but considering the limited spec sheet, we’d like to think it’s the total price of the phone, out the door. If Motorola could sell that in stores this holiday season stateside, they’d likely dominate the mid-range segment.

Moto G leak

  • That’s cute, but the Moto X is already a midrange contender!

    • Moku

      The way Motorola markets it, as well as the way it performs, makes it more akin to a flagship. Flagships don’t really have to have Snapdragon 600/800 chips to be flagships, only the spec-freaks think that.

      • Suuuuuuuuure, but you don’t see many “flagship” anything being classified as midrange contenders – think cars as well. Even the flagship Hyundai is $60K+! Spec freaks notwithstanding, anything less powerful than an S600/800 right now is looked upon as last year’s model, regardless of how funky, customizable, etc the Moto is.

      • Moku

        Yeah, and to me that’s truly a shame. After all, a Moto X is just as capable as a Galaxy S4 or HTC One.

  • karl

    It’s a fake!
    The moto X has a dual core (what’s actually a good thing) and the “cheaper” one has a quad core?
    And for what does the G stand for?

    • Moku

      The number of cores really doesn’t matter when it comes to this. The type of cores used is what matters. It’s like saying a Tegra 3 is on par with Tegra 4 because they have the same amount of cores. Oh, and I do not know what the G stands for. Some think it might be for “Google”, but I doubt it.