Moto G owners who have updated to Android 4.4 might be experiencing some trouble. Many issues have been reported since the update, and range from annoying to serious. Though they got it wrong the first time, Motorola is aware of the issues, and is working hard to rectify them.

They’ve created a mass landing page for all complaints surrounding the Moto G, since there are so many of them. Some users report a loss of mobile signal entirely, while others seem to have an issue with Airplane Mode. It seems the Moto G may be slipping into Airplane Mode without displaying any icon, or letting users know at all.

The problems are widespread on the device, and don’t stop with connectivity. Some report the device will randomly display that no SIM is present, even when it is. Some ae pointing to mobile data as the culprit, with suggestions that it doesn’t occur when mobile data is turned off.

Motorola is looking into all the problems, and diligently trying to solve them. These issues weren’t reported until the device got the Android 4.4 update. Though commendable that Motorola quickly updated their handsets to KitKat, a lack of connectivity is a big issue, as is the device not recognizing your SIM card. No timetable was offered for a fix, but we’re sure Motorola will have the problems solved pretty quickly.

Source: Motorola

  • Adam Osborne

    Interesting since I had a 4.4.2 update (first one since 4.4.2) since last week saying that it fixed these issues plus USB on the go. I applied it today and mine seems normal. In fact I wasn’t expecting any issues. My phones firmware version: 176.44.1.falcon_umts.Retail.en.GB

  • Lee

    It’s not KitKat, it’s the radio that comes with the firmware that’s the problem. My UK Moto G had radio version 340.63 which had the issue. Fixed it by flashing latest radio version 355.66 which is available in Germany. Not had a problem since.

    • Pankaj

      Can we have the file or any link? Please.