The promised day has arrived and the mid-tier Motorola Moto G is now receiving a huge firmware upgrade. Aside from bringing along Android 4.4.3 and its improvements, the update also adds the new Motorola Alert app to the smartphone’s feature list.

Android 4.4.3’s list of new features is quite short and not even explicitly stated. We have seen a slightly redesigned dialer app but most of the changes revolve around fixes and performance optimizations. Motorola, however, adds a few other bullet points to that changelog. This includes the ability to pause and resume video recording in the camera app.

One notable change in particular is the arrival of the Motorola Alert app on the Moto G. This app debuted on the Moto E and was later uploaded to Google Play Store, perhaps in preparation for this day. Motorola Alert gives users a simple way to keep track of loved ones or send them notifications, with location attached, in times of emergencies. Parents, for example, can designate certain zones where they will be informed if their child enters or leaves the area.

Motorola Alert will also be arriving on the Moto X via the same Android 4.4.3 update. The update was only promised to those who bought the Moto G in the US, via Motorola’s online store, or in retail shops in Brazil. If you have any other Moto G device that isn’t getting the update, you can also opt to download the 169 MB OTA from XDA, but only if you’re willing to take the risk.

VIA: XDA, Talk Android

  • Akash

    Will it come to India?

  • william walker

    What happened to fix for USB OTG UK

    • Patrik

      Curious about this too. I’m still on 4.3 simply because they fucked up USB OTG on 4.4 (not working at all) and I don’t want to mess with flashing the thing (between 4.4 and 4.3) and losing warranty in the process.

      I’ve even considered selling my 16GB Moto G that isn’t even 6 months old to buy the newly announced Moto G with 4G (LTE) and a microSD slot.. at least the latter should have been in the damn thing right from the start.

      I’ve given up on the Dual-SIM version though.. not coming to Europe. Thanks Motogoogle.. and fuck you for that.

      • william walker

        Are you reading my mind mate totally the same best of luck