Moto G Android 4.4.2 OTA surfaces for sideloading

December 23, 2013

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Motorola surprised Moto G users earlier in the month when they announced the Kit Kat rollout was beginning a bit ahead of schedule. We weren't expecting Android 4.4 to arrive until sometime in January, however Motorola announced the rollout was underway as of December 19th. And nicely, that meant Android 4.4.2 as opposed to 4.4. The catch is, we suspect many have yet to receive the update.

We've been checking daily since, however our review unit is still saying our handset is up to date. Seeing the handset is still with Android 4.3 we know that isn't exactly true, but given the update is rolling out and had yet to leak -- there wasn't much that could be done. Well, those who are tired of waiting can now move forward if they are feeling a little adventurous.

The Moto G Android 4.4.2 OTA update has surfaced on the xda-developers forums. According to details coming from the posting, the file is the "OTA Kitkat update package for the U.S AWS Retail version." Specifically, the file has arrived as follows; Blur_Version.14.14.16.falcon_umts.AWSRetail.en.US.

The download link, along with several mirror links can be found in the forums. As for the file, what we are seeing includes some positive reviews and there doesn't appear to be any issues as a result of upgrading using this path.

One user, jmoore4294 has said that it installed perfectly via adb sideload and that it booted up just fine. Further comments included how he was using the unlocked US GSM Moto G and that it includes the transparent status and navigation bars. Bottom line here, those with the know how in terms of sideloading a ROM can move forward and begin using Kit Kat as of today.

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  • Mike Snoow

    u dont have to sideload it u can do force loading using ota. how is this done
    go to the google service framework app
    force stop it –> clear data
    then check for updates

    this might need to be done several times b4 it works

    • Yasin Aydin

      this does not work, tried several times

  • James Wright

    Congrats. But if Photon owners experience is any indication, you should consider yourselves lucky so far. Moto will ***** you the first time its in their interest to do so.