More devices getting Google Now launcher support

August 2, 2014

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The Google Now launcher was probably the pick of the bunch of features that launched with Android 4.4 Kitkat (you can argue that point with us, of course), and it became all the more better when Google started peddling the launcher to other devices other than those bearing the Nexus prefix through the Google Play Store. After the app’s recent update, we bet more people will be happier because of the apparently wider range of devices supported.

Upon the app update, there was no obvious aesthetic or functional change to the launcher, except that – viola! – the list of devices supported seem to have grown. Now there is support for other Android devices such as Huawei’s Ascend P7, the HTC One M8, One E8, One Mini 2, and Desire 816. Some social media reports also point to support being available to the LG’s flagship phone, the G3.

The Google Now launcher was initially limited to Nexus and Google Play Edition devices, and Android users were all collectively heaving a “well, that sucks” at Google because of the limited support. Pretty soon, workarounds were being found to load it on more devices – because the Android community always seems to find a way.

This is probably at the very least an admission from the mothership that hey, if it’s really good software, then maybe a lot more people are entitled to at least make that decision on their own after experiencing it and using it. This situation has not yet been made official – no official statement from Google has come out – but you’ll be sure to hear from us if there are changes in this situation.

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  • Zachary Morris

    I was going to go with the Google Now launcher as soon as I got my G3, but surprisingly I don’t have their skin. I don’t really see a reason to change it right now.

  • Nismo0715

    @zachary_morris:disqus I have the G3 as well and you are right, there is no need to change from the LG skin. I got the Google Now launcher just because, and I’ve enjoyed both of them so far. I like the fact that Kit-Kat lets you switch between the launchers as you see fit, so I think I’ll hold on to both for now.

  • Jawbox

    That’s funny that both of you say that because I’m also a G3 owner and was curious to try the launcher. Then I was thinking why do I need it because the stock launcher is pretty cool already for my needs. In fact this is the first device so far where I haven’t installed swiftkey right away, I actually like the LG keyboard. :-O

  • s4user

    I have it on my galaxy s4, its been installed since the thing came out some months ago..

    • taj


    • cmarza

      On my note 3. I can’t stomach touch wiz.