More apps now Chromecast-ready, FOX NOW, HGTV, and CBS All Access included

May 15, 2015

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Google may not release a new Chromecast model soon but more support are coming its way. More apps are adding Chromecast support which means you can watch more TV shows and videos using your thumb-sized media streaming device. This is good news for the likes of me who depend on it to experience the finest in smart TV viewing.

I know there are more Internet and smart TV apps and devices available but I prefer Chromecast. It's easy to set up and use. Some of the apps that are now cast-ready include CBS All Access. Shows like NCIS and The Big Bang Theory are now casting. For those who are into DIY's and are looking to doing little summer projects, watch new HGTV episodes of Fixer Upper and Property Brothers.

The whole first season of EMPIRE is also ready for casting. Season 2 will begin in the fall so it's better if you watch the first season and catch up. On FOX NOW and FX NOW, you can watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Americans, and Louie. Pluto TV is also included in the good news. It features more than 100 channels of news, sports, music, TV, and web shows already curated for your enjoyment. Haystack, a news app is also now Chromecast-ready so you can be updated with breaking news and current events.

To enjoy Chromecast, update or download the apps if you still don't have them. More apps are available on

SOURCE: Google Chrome Blog

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  • Rhayader

    One awesome piece of content not mentioned here – FXNow has the entirety of the first 20 seasons of The Simpsons available for streaming. No more turning on my Xbox for a Simpsons fix.

    Agreed too about the supremacy of Chromecast over other smart streaming solutions. Using a touch interface on a phone or tablet is infinitely preferable to using a game or TV controller to navigate through (or, heaven forbid, perform a search) on a lean-back app GUI.