A company by the name of Monster Watts has recently introduced a new wireless charging option for a select few Samsung Galaxy branded handsets. The wireless charger is dubbed the WiQiQi Wireless Charger Kit and it will be compatible with the GALAXY S 4, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. The pricing will vary depending on the particular handset, however the real perk here is that you will not need a replacement back cover.

The WiQiQi will work with the back cover that is currently installed on your handset. This is done by using what is referred to as an “ultra-thin” receiver. This receiver should take just seconds to install and will then work with any Qi wireless charging pad. Basically, just remove the back cover from your handset, line up the contacts on the receiver with the contacts on your phone and you should be set.

This is currently being offered as an Indiegogo project and the pricing begins with options to get the wireless receiver for $25 or a wireless receiver and matching Qi wireless charging pad for $50. As the Galaxy S III and Note II are currently available, those kits are expected to arrive as early as May. The GALAXY S 4 kit is expected a month later in June.

The prices include free shipping to a US address and based on what is noted — looks to be a decent discount as compared to what these will be retailing for. Touching on the bit about this being an Indiegogo offering, this project has recently launched and still has 46 days remaining. The project so far has earned just a few hundred towards the goal of $80,000. Anyway, those interested in backing the project can find it using this Indiegogo link.

[via Engadget]

  • Nathaniel_Graham

    I think the Verizon Note 2 would still have to be modified for this to work due to the pins being covered up.

  • csta

    here was me thinking the S4 has qi wireless charging built in lmfao fail to Samsung this is why I love my nexus 4 🙂

  • Pitchy

    Doesn’t work with the S4 at all. Constantly cycles through the Wireless Charger connected. Will do this 10-15 times a minute. Completely unusable at night as the phone screen stays awake as it keeps cycling through power. Changed battery and still same problem. Bought a new charger pad from another company and have not had a single problem with the new pad using the receiver from MonsterWatts. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS! They have zero support. I have tried contacting them numerous times for a month about the problems with my charger pad and not a single word from them. STAY AWAY!