MoDaCo.SWITCH Beta 9 arrives with Android 4.3

August 14, 2013

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MoDaCo.SWITCH has been going through the beta phase since it was originally introduced. At this time the most current that is available over-the-air is beta 8, however beta 9 has landed and is now available as a manual download. The key here, the MoDaCo.SWITCH beta 9 brings Android 4.3.

While beta 9 is only available as a manual download at the moment, it will arrive as an over-the-air download but for now it was said "further testing" was needed. Anyway, along with the release of beta 9 comes the warnings. In this case it was said that you should make sure to perform a full backup and flash when in the Sense mode.

Venturing into the MoDaCo user forums and it looks like some have already updated. Early reports are pointing towards users needing to pay attention to the Google account sync status and how persistent notifications have been disabled. And as we have seen with Android 4.3 in general, those updating will not have root for now.

Bottom line here, while any beta can be considered on the cutting edge, it looks like beta 9 takes you one step closer to that edge. Simply put, it may be worthwhile for some to wait a bit before moving on from beta 8. Aside from the release of SWITCH for the HTC One, there had also been a Galaxy S 4 related announcement.

The Galaxy S 4 edition of SWITCH went up as an Indigogo campaign (that has since funded). But with that in mind, the campaign still has a little more than 60 hours remaining -- you know, just in case you wanted to slip in just before things officially wrapped up. The campaign has several pledge levels available and still reflects a delivery date of August.

SOURCE: MoDaCo Forums, Indiegogo

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