The results of a survey conducted by Appcelerator and IDC have been published. The survey polled 2,012 Appcelerator Titanium developers from July 20-22 of this year on their perceptions around mobile OS priorities, app development needs, and the move by Google and Apple to the cloud. The results of the survey found in part that Google+ and iCloud are helping Apple and Google accelerate their lead in mobile.

The survey also found some other interesting things developers believe. Two-thirds of the devs that responded think that Google can catch up to Facebook in the social scene using Google +. 68% felt that Google assets like Search, YouTube, and maps trump Facebook’s social lead. The devs say the most important social capability in their apps to promote repeat use are notifications according to 52% and 42% said status updates were important among other things.

The developers surveyed also think that Apple’s iCloud will significantly disrupt the mobile cloud computing space. Of the devs planning to use loud services in the next year 51% think Amazon is top, with iCloud, Window Azure, VMWare, and OpenShift coming in order after. On the topic of platform predicted to win the enterprise market, iOS and Android tied at 44% each with only 7% thinking WP7 has a chance.

The key statement in the whole report is:

Google and Apple’s move into the ‘mobile cloud’ and application development needs. New analysis shows that Apple and Google are accelerating their lead in mobile by redefining mobile app engagement, loyalty, and cloud connectivity through their new Google+ and iCloud offerings. Developers also indicate that they see Apple and Google gains in the consumer application space translating into significant traction in the enterprise space over time.

[via Appcelerator]

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    I’m missing something here. I keep seeing iCloud compared to Amazon and I’m assuming AWS because I then see VMWare and Azure. Is Apple opening a PaaS hosting service or are people completely confused and think just because it uses the term cloud its the same thing. AWS, Azure, VMWare (the cloud service), AppEngine etc are services on which you build applications. iCloud is a service for syncing things on your mobile devices and computers like LiveSync or Ubuntu One. You can build an iCloud like service on AWS, Azure etc. Again am I missing something here.?