MLB at Bat 2011 half off from Amazon, live stream the playoffs [Deal]

October 13, 2011

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Legends are born in October right Baseball fans? Just like that walk-off grand slam by Cruz this week. Today thanks to the Amazon AppStore Android users can now get MLB at Bat 2011 for half off. Down from the original price they are offering it for just $0.99 cents for a limited time. If you don't already own this awesome app now is a great time to purchase.

Anyone that loves Baseball or the MLB will enjoy it. Listen to live audio streaming of the playoffs for just $0.99 cents -- can't beat that right? Just in time for the October games to get started Amazon has dropped the price, and for that we thank them. With scores, highlights, video clips and more MLB at Bat 2011 is perfect for this time of year. Here's a few of the features you can expect:

-Feed your baseball obsession with scores, highlights, full game coverage, and more from Major League Baseball
-Access your MLB.TV subscription to watch live out-of-market games or watch the MLB.TV Free Game of the Day
-See in-progress video highlights
-Listen to any full MLB game's audio broadcast
-Set a Favorite widget for one-click access to your favorite team's homepage

MLB 2011 is designed for Android 2.1 and above and requires Adobe Flash to stream games from MLB.TV. This version does not support tablets but they do have a Honeycomb beta app you can download here. You can customize your home screen with news and highlights from your favorite team, pitch-by-pitch game tracking, and even a widget that will update with in-progress scores and information. This is exactly what you need to get you through the 2011 season.

Available right now half off from the Amazon AppStore but the deal wont last long so you better hurry and snatch it up by clicking here.

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  • Anonymous

    this a great deal…i have this app and it’s too bad i HAVE to have this to see the cardinals in the NLCS!!! stupid mlb.. only on TBS?!?!? dumb.. i dont want/have cable, so i’ve been watching on my laptop/transformer/G2X…. works great!  BUT!!! for you not-yet subscribers, you should know that before you pull the trigger, the game video you get isnt the polished post production live stuff.. with replays, graphics, etc… all you get is access to the live video camera feed from your choice of around 8 camera angles… im getting used to it, but you have to have 2 camera views on your screen if you want to watch a complete play (ie, batter hits ball, fielder catches ball) other wise, you see the play start, but then get to watch the pitcher’s facial reaction to the rest of the play… and then during commercial breaks, you see a an logo for 3 minutes…  just so you know.. like i said, im getting used to it… but i cant wait till the cardinals win and i can watch the world series on fox…