Over the past couple of days we’ve received a few tips that users were experiencing problems with the Google Play Store, and some were reporting that their paid application lists were completely missing. Some went as far as to say the market was asking them to purchase said apps again. After receiving a few more complaints, and seeing several threads appear at XDA regarding the issue we now have good news.

It seems that users are receiving the above pictured error while trying to download previously purchased apps, and for many others the “installed” list is completely empty, or not showing all of their purchased applications. Apparently we weren’t alone because multiple other sites are reporting the same issues, although none of the Android devices on my desk (more than a few) have the issue currently.

According to new reports and finding from The Verge the problem is actually quite widespread and Google has already acknowledged the issue. If you look through Google’s known issues page under the “fixed” tab they’ve confirmed the missing apps problem and are looking into the matter. Interesting that it’s filed under fixed, but either way we hope this all gets straightened out soon.

Are you having problems? If you are you’re not alone. Google is working on a fix or already has one on the way so sit tight. If the app is urgent you can always email the developer and forward him your receipt.

  • I’m just glad they’re working on a fix. I have a lot of purchased apps from Google Play :-/ Half of them bought on original price. Half on sale.

    • r barnes

      I was having the same problem for a couple of days. Many paid apps were missing although they always showed as purchased when I searched for them in play store. Today the problem is solved for me. Just take note the user interface for my apps has changed. When you go to menu and click on my apps the page that opens shows the apps that are installed on that device. To see all your apps swipe to the left and reveal a page with all your apps. Hope everyone’s problem is solved soon.

      •  Yes that is the new Android Market version 3.5.15 that was rolled out last week. This was the major version having the issue but it’s good to see it fixed it for you.

        Some are reporting installing an old version and letting the market update itself to fix the issue. Users can try that

      • r barnes

        No one should have to install an old version. If it hasn’t been fixed for them. first I would reboot my phone. I use a spare battery so I turn off my phone almost everyday to change batteries. They could also go to Applications in settings.Manage Applications. Find Google Play Store Clear Data when you go back to Play Store it will ask you to accept terms again and the Play Store should be refreshed. Also in Manage Apps you can uninstall the Update to Play Store. 

      • Ericpenn

        No go… I’m screwed on two tablets and a Droid Bionic. All the same, no apps and an error (showen above)… I’ve uninstalled, cleared, etc… Screwed.

      • sheilabetsy

        Thanks! This worked on my Droid 2

  • Mr Funk

    Thank god if they finally actually fix this bug!

    I’m an Android developer and I have received these same reports for months. Both me and my customers have contacted Google, but they simply do not care about tiny things Android Market (Google Play) not working at all.

    • Jess Newcomb

      Not any of my installed apps are showing up in the my apps area of market. If I download a new one it populates the folder but still none of my old ones. But if I uninstall current version of play they come back but google pushes the new version immediately. In older and newer versions purchased apps that are not installed request me to repurchase but if I try the purchase is canceled.

  • My apps are there but I can only see apps from A to P. This has been an ongoing frustration. It is also stupid that we can’t permanently delete a phone from our list of devices even though that old phone is lost, broken or sold. How can Google be respected when it can’t fix obvious things like this?

  • Guest

    Like so many things with the “Google” name on it:

    1.  It should NEVER have been put online… until it was fully tested and working.
    2.  It stays in beta, and doesn’t get put online… even long after it IS fully working.

    Google just can’t seem to get their act together.  Maybe they have grown far too big, far too fast… and their quality is dropping quickly.

  • Jarret

    I am having the problem of being asked to pay for apps that I have already purchased. Also, the web browser version of Google Play will not allow me to install apps.

  • Jaygatsby9909

    I get a screen that says Apps and games owned by this account will appear here and then I have a tab for Browse apps and Browse games.  I have cleared data, cache, uninstalled updates, turned off phone, went into bootloader and cleared cache there and then started from scratch…still no dice for me.  On my ASUS Transformer, the apps show up just fine.  But my GNex is a no go.

  • Zenya86

    When i access google play, it keeps saying connection timed out.. Is this the same problem??

    • Jaygatsby9909

      Mine did that too.  Eventually I was able to get into it but it still has problems.

  • yarrellray

    This will be helpful

  • Green2

    i have allwas had problems with the google and andriod market. where none of them wanted to work. i just now fixed it and now the downloaded apps wont work. i am very dissappointed with android. i have had problems after a month of having it. i am not buying another ANYTHING from andrioid again. instead i am geting another apple wich i have never had problems with. this was my first android and my last

  • Travis

    Just downloaded AOKP rom, and all google apps are gone, does anyone know how i can get google play and gmail sync on my phone, Thanks

    • bizzdabutcher

      Along with the aokp ROM zip there is a gapps zip you also need to flash. This will bring your Google apps back onto the phone

  • Jaygatsby9909

    Go here 
    http://androidadvices.com/download-updated-google-play-store-apk/ and update your market to 3.5.15.  When I did this, market started acting fine and all my apps came back.  All you need to do this easily is Google Chrome to phone app installed on phone and as a Chrome extension and Astro File Manager to install after download (will be in the download folder).  Make sure you allow install of non-market apps and all is a breeze.

    • Shaun Hill

      My market is version 3.7.11 and I’m still having this problem!

      EDIT [SOLUTION]: My problem was from flashing a custom ROM; I needed to clear the app data for Google Play Store after flashing and logging in.

    • Shaun Hill

      My market is version 3.7.11 and I’m still having this problem!

      EDIT [SOLUTION]: My problem was from flashing a custom ROM; I needed to clear the app data for Google Play Store after flashing and logging in.

  • Kellymarielambie

    hi can some one help just purchased a film off this new play thing and it keeps telling me not available in this country??


    i didnt even have PLAY STORE THIS WORD IN MY PHONE XD,ONLY MARKET,what now?


    mess me around with the phone and wasting my time?GREAT JOB! YOU MADE IT!

  • nirvik gill

    i dosent work what the hell

  • Christopher Wortman

    Play Store wants me to pay another 5 bucks for an application I already purchased!

  • r3p1lc3

    I wanna know WTF they were thinking not having a tab strictly for “purchased” apps under the “my apps” section.. I dont want to slosh through all the crap I’ve tried to get to my paid apps upon a fresh install >.>

  • Why you do dis Google?

    Hurry Google, please I want my apps back I’m not paying about $10 to get my apps back cause you guys fucked up

  • Starlinguk

    It is now 2014. Still the same problem. I’m having to repay for apps, and unpaid ones also show up as not installed when they definitely are.

  • Seurgeon

    there you go guys, just clear the cache and data and then you can install your bought apps again or whatever you want to install (sry if my english is bad, im not speaking english as my native language)