We have seen some Windows Phone themed options come available in the Google Play Store in the past. One item was the Windows Phone 8 launcher. Microsoft also once tempted Android users by offering a Windows Phone 7 experience directly on their handset. According to a new report though, Microsoft is once again prepping another item to temp potential switchers.

This latest is an app called “Switch to Windows Phone.” The app has yet to find its way into the Google Play Store, however it looks like it will able to help Android users find Windows Phone alternatives. Basically, the app will take a look at what you have installed and offer the Windows Phone equivalent. The app is said to be powered by Quixey which will use a mix of various data to offer as close a match as possible.

Some of the data Quixey will use includes descriptions of apps, reviews of apps and also trouble reports. Ideally the Switch to Windows Phone app would provide a direct match, however we suspect that will not always be the case. Some apps such as Facebook will match up without question. There should also be an easy option for others such as the calendar, contacts and cloud storage.

But therein lies a potential issue — we suspect quite a few Android users are also loyal Google users. Anyway, while we wait for the Switch to Windows Phone app to come available in the Google Play Store, we will leave you with the obvious question; Is this an app that you would consider using? Or will it just be one that you download and play with to get a minute of laughter?

[via CITE World]

  • i used to love windows phone in the old days but its trash now. shit apps and bing make it pure garbage i regret buying my nokia every day

    • Jake

      Oh well crap you then

  • a minute of laughter, more like 30 seconds

  • gmaninvan

    I think the word you are looking for is “tempt”

  • Zoid

    Ok Microsoft. If you want me then make your phones open source. Then we’ll talk.

  • Zombieman

    It’s a market research app basically. It will learn what sorts of devices the users have, what carrier, and see what the user does with the phone. Which it will then report to MS to fine tune their next advertising campaign. I’ll skip it.

  • Panchito

    Microsoft should make a flashable rom for users with root access… if we like it we should be able to purchase a complete OS license