Oh man, the juicy news just keeps flowing in from the AllThingsD conference going on today called Dive Into Mobile. From Facebook Home, Motorola stock Android devices, and much more but now we’re turning our focus towards a few comments made by Microsoft‘s head of the mobile Windows Phone division. This dude claims Android is “still kind of a mess” and is touting just how awesome Windows Phone 8 truly is.

According to an interview by AllThingsD Microsoft’s head of their mobile division, Terry Myerson, had some rather unkind things to say today regarding both Android and iOS. It looks like they are trying to get a point across, we’re just not sure what exactly. Aiming right at Google while also touting that Windows Phone 8 is a “well funded start-up.”

Before we get into his full comments we wanted to remind you guys of some news earlier today. The same exact event today Google’s own Eric Schmidt confirmed there’s now 1.5 million Android devices activated each and every single day. So basically that “mess” that Microsoft calls Android – is clearly a hot mess.

While we aren’t going to get into the discussion whether Android is better than Windows Phone (as you know the answer, and our opinion already) we will share the few comments from Microsoft’s head of mobile and let you guys think of it what you will. Myerson basically called Apple’s iOS “boring” and Android “still kind of a mess” then went on to mention how Windows Phone 8 is a massive challenger and seeing huge adoption rates. Mainly in non-subsidized regions such as Mexico, Poland, and Finland.

He further knocks Android by saying only Samsung is benefiting and no one else, then continues his slander by claiming there is, “clearly mutiny in the Starship Android.. and as Chrome takes over Android, it’s going to be interesting.” Yeah, he said that. Now for our thoughts: There is no denying that Android is only going to continue their dominance in the mobile space. Perhaps Myerson should have spent his time talking about how Windows Phone will continue to improve, what they’re doing right, and what they have to offer. Rather than just taking shots at the competition. That’s just my $0.02 on the matter. Let us know what you think below, but do try to keep it clean folks!

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  • he shouldn’t really talk until windows starts actually competing with ios and android.

    • they make more money from license deals off of Android phone sales than WP as a whole.

  • Alan

    Before I say what I’m about to say you must understand that I love both Android and Windows Phone 8 equally, I own a Galaxy Nexus and a Samsung ATIV S.

    I have to say that I agree that Android is still a mess, but not interface wise. I feel that most of the issues are under the hood, such as bugs in the TRIM command not being resolved, the slowdown when apps are being installed in the background and the fact that sometimes the home screens have to reload upon exiting some apps. These might just be issues that only I’ve encountered, but when my old 1GHz single core HD7 can outpace my Galaxy Nexus with it’s dual core 1.2 GHz processor I would say that something is seriously wrong with Android under the hood.

  • But it’s strange that everyone whants this suposed “kind of mess”.

    Microsoft has lost its credibility due to its not 100% reliable desktop OS’s and came far too late in the mobile market with a relatively good OS. Microsoft is amazing in marketing, not in writing OS’s. So, they are trying to tackle the others in his range, low- and mid-budget devices, with words not with creating innovative new things .OK, WP haves tile layout what no other mobile OS haves, but than everything about something “new” is said.

    Microsoft still uses the same childish techniques as 20-25 years ago, when there was a big battle for the desktop OS with Apple and IBM. If they could, Microsoft should obligate manufacturers to install WP on their mobile devices and nothing else, like they do with laptops, netbooks and desktops. Because if you buy a pc (laptops and netbooks included) what is pre-installed on the device? Right, Windows!! You don’t have the choice of another OS and sometimes you may loose your guarantee if you install an other OS. Is this right? For me personally, if I want to buy a laptop from an independent manufacturer I buy a device, not a packet of a device and an OS, otherwise I buy a MacBook or a ChromeBook.

    I know this is a little bit different for mobile devices because the OS is embedded in the device, but the last block is about how hypocrite Microsoft always have been and will be.

    • traxxion

      Yeah, cause an overpriced MacBook or a next to useless ChromeBook doesn’t come with an OS or prevent you from installing another OS DOES IT? If you are going to call a company hypocritical, try to distance yourself from such comments. The reality is, yes, most laptops come with Windows, because that is what most people need and want. When you consider the spec you get in a bog standard Wintel laptop for even 300 dollars/quid the OS price is almost irrelevant. People who don’t need Windows, don’t need anything of any importance.

  • Liebheart

    Yeah, a huge profitable mess.

  • Remo Gutierrez

    Hey SlashGear have you figured out how to use the Nexus 4 yet? Try figuring out how Android operates first. Idiots.

    • This is Android Community buddy. And yes, I know how to use the Nexus 4. Take off your trollhat and chill

      • Remo Gutierrez

        The VIA SlashGear had me fooled.

  • Tony Willis

    wp8 is shit

  • Troy Greenman

    By “kind of a mess” he is probably referring to the platform fragmentation problem in android.

  • Danny

    Eh, I kind of agree that Android is a hot mess (samsung galaxy 1 & 3 owner) but It has been getting better over the years but I dont think its enough to go all feral over, android is pretty dang awsome. But so far im really liking WP8 (HTC 8X) its pretty dang “Rock Solid” imo.

  • traxxion

    Guys, no matter which way you slice it Android IS a mess and Windows Phone feels polished and does almost everything effortlessly. You don’t need to pile through hundreds of music player and playlist apps, when Zune works so well. I would like to see them improved, but you can open Word, Excel, PDF’s natively without installing anything on Windows Phone. The Camera on Windows Phone is easily the best I’ve used and there is a BUTTON for it – imagine. Nokia Drive is the best mobile satnav bar none and its builtin from the beginning. Plus it integrates with Windows Live accounts which EVERY Xbox owner already has.
    I’m not saying that Windows Phone is perfect, but Microsoft almost always delivers a good overall package and Windows Phone is way undervalued.