MetroPCS is on track to release their first 4G LTE smartphone in early 2011. According to Fierce Wireless, the new smartphone will be an Android equipped device (likely 2.3) and could be released as soon as February.

There has been no official word on which manufacturer will be making this device for MetroPCS, but it’s likely a Samsung handset. 4G is definitely the new frontier in mobile devices and with Android 2.3 we can definitely expect some very impressive and fast phones both hardware and software wise in 2011.

[Via UnwiredView]

  • Chazz

    First LTE Android will be the Samsung Forte. Samsung made Metro’s first LTE phone, the “feature phone” Craft. Makes sense they will also supply the first LTE Android phone.

    A video of an unknown LTE Android was on Metro’s YouTube channel briefly, to demonstrate a mobile banking feature. But the phone was attracting more notice than the banking demonstration — so the video was abruptly pulled. Metro wants customers to buy phones in their inventory right now, not wait for some future phone that has not been officially announced yet. Insiders said it was an upcoming phone called the Samsung Forte.