Remember that cheap $99 Maylong M-150 Android tablet that is at Walgreens we mentioned a while back? If you thought the idea of a sub $100 tablet was intriguing and were thinking about plunking down your hard earned cash on one Ars Technica says don’t.

The geeks at Ars have reviewed the tablet and found the thing is so painful to use that you just won’t use it. The battery life is also described as lasting barely more than a “drunken frat boy in bed” which presumable is not long.

Ars says the battery was good for an hour of use and is only good for three at most powered down in your bag. If you want an eReader, you can get decent ones with Android for about the same price. You get what you pay for in the tablet world. In a nutshell, the M-150 is a big bag of fail.

  • I came to the same conclusion after about 30 minutes of use and returned back to Walgreens.It really was painful to use.

  • Woah… I stumbled across this in my reader and thought this was a joke.

    Does the product actually look like the one in the product image on Walgreens? I mean really… An iPad with a poorly photoshopped screenshot slapped on top. That’s just a problem.

    That said, I find it hilarious that it’s running Android 1.6 and it has a Internet Explorer icon. I’m assuming that it’s actually running the Android browser but they replaced the icon.

    TLDR: Ridiculous.

  • naibai

    I am thinking about getting one on black Friday at Duane Reade for $130.00 . It looks soo cool and I cant wait for it !
    Well…. looks like i gotta 4 day wait. 🙂

  • wilkinsjaw

    The reviewer is correct. I ordered one – and returned it within a week. Battery life was at most 2 hours – and you had to prectically push your finger through the screen to get it to recognise you. Turning it on was a guess too – sometime it came on with a blacnk screen and sometimes it was OK. Not worth the trouble if you are thinking about it.

  • romsfuulynn

    Battery issues are true – but you get about 2 hrs with the brightness all the way down, which is fine for indoor use. And about 3 hrs if you aren’t using the wi-fi.

    The resistive screen is very different from the capacitive – it works with the stylus or a fingernail; it needs a tap, not a touch.

    Very limited market, but you can install from any source without hacking.

    It’s a cheap tablet, slow boot, slow response and I don’t argue any of that, but criticize it for it’s real failings.

  • Nick

    ATTENTION: Load the new 2.1 ROM to the device to significantly increase performance and battery efficiency; In addition to gaining access to the Android Marketplace.

    GOOGLE: “tipstir M-150 Rooted” or simply go here:

    The developer is a genius.

    Each root is aligned with a model number.

  • Steven Wolfe

    I got one for Christmas. All these claims are correct. What’s worse is there’s no support. The Maylong website is a sham. Toll free support routes you to a defunct mailbox. Email address does not work either. I suspect Maylong will be finished in near future. Lastly the bluetooth feature in settings does not have an associated bluetooth antenna on device. Lastly the 3g support cited on settings does not appear to have corresponding 3g hardware on device. Invest in a name brand nd at least you’ll have support behid it.

  • Dylan

    I own this Maylong Tablet and I put Android 2.1os on it, got a running app market, I have 3g on mine, because it is under settings.. and I use my bluetooth to listen to music and run my bluetooth mouse. this is a really good tablet for $100.

  • Dimal Jm

    I own a maylong m-150 tablet, but my bluetooth option is not working, anybody can help me?