Manual Camera brings DSLR experience to your Android phone

January 16, 2015

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There are probably thousands of camera and photography apps available for Android and other mobile platforms but most of them offer automatic controls and filters. Majority of the apps allow easy editing of images with special effects to make them look professional and some artsy. But how many apps allow full control? Just this new Manual Camera from GDSoftware. It's $1.99 complete to give you full manual control of your phone camera. Not bad actually for the real photographers.

Manual Camera app brings the DSLR experience to your smartphone. It's actually confusing because why would you want the hassle of DSLR controls on phone this time? Well, only professional photographers  can understand. Having this app may perhaps teach smartphone photographers a thing or two about manual photography.

The app features Manual Shutter Speed, Manual Focus Distance, Manual ISO, Manual White Balance, and Manual Exposure Compensation. The app's advantage over a real DSLR camera is the speed because you can easily adjust the controls. Default is the Auto mode but you can lock the parameters. Rotate the wheel to manually adjust the settings.

Additional features of the Manual Camera app also include Maximum Screen Brightness On/Off, Sounds On/Off, Gridlines, Timer, GPS to allow geo tagging, and RAW (DNG) format. Almost all the standard DSLR/manual camera controls are here so it's worth the price.

Download Manual Camera from the Google Play Store

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  • Xray Eyes

    Except you forgot to mention that it only works with Nexus 5 and 6 running lollipop :-/

    • primalxconvoy


      The writer probably posted the article as click bait.

      Anyway, bad writing aside, perhaps the reason many lollypop devices won’t work is that the likes of Samsung and cronies want to offer such basic features as “premium” ones on special “android camera” devices?

  • Gerry Murray

    One app for two android phones, and complete on only one. This is exactly why everyone should read into apps before buying them.

  • another user

    FV5 is better. 🙂