What we’ve got here is a real live glasses-free 3D device, complete with the ability to both capture 3D media through its dual-lens cameras on the back and the ability to play 3D games with its sweet TFT 3D display. In addition, you’re able to output 3D media to your 3D-enabled television with the HDMI-out port on the side of the LG Thrill and it’s got a 6 foot HDMI cord included in the box! What more could you want! Oh you’d like a dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP4 1GHz processor too? Well you’re in luck, that’s packed in too!

For most of the specs on this device, I’m going to turn your eyes down to the bottom of this post where we’ve got our new Device Directory hooked up to show you all the specs of every Android device (every Android device down the line, that is) in an extremely easy to read format. The device you’re going to see in the box is the LG Optimus 3D, this being the first version of this device to be released in the wild (in a bright red box, no less.) Have a look at our extensive review of the LG Optimus 3D for an idea of what you’re going to be getting in the eventual review of the LG Thrill 4G – they’re VERY similar to say the least.

Now what you’re going to get here is a relatively sleek device (considering the otherwise fat camera on the back, that is,) with a soft plastic with very light patterning battery cover. The single strip of metal on the back is reminiscent of the LG G-Slate, another 3D device, though this time with 3D glasses in the box. The LG Thrill 4G’s batter cover pops off easily to reveal its fat 1540mHz battery, included 8GHz micro SDHC card, and a lovely spot for your AT&T SIM.

[vms f2944218de038d893430]

Inside you’ll find a lovely look at Android as whipped up by LG, this meaning the device is not, in fact, Vanilla, and the whole thing runs on Android 2.2.2 FroYo. There’s a 3D button on the right side of the device that brings up your 3D content app with shortcuts to all your 3D related portals.

Take a look at the device specs below, the images above and below, and the video above to get a better understanding of what we’re dealing with here before we review it over the next few days!

[device id=74]

  • Another subpar release.

  • does it have swype pre-installed?

  • Anonymous

    CM7 – MIUI, FTW!

  • Pollo Tropical

    the at&t logo is killing it

  • Hey Guys, you will be making my day if you make this part of your review. I have this unit on order but I have heard there are some limits on what you can stream over to your TV from the phone. I got amped about this phone because of the idea of connecting it to my TV and watching online, app, and saved movies on a TV. If this isn’t the case I am going to be disappointed. I can tell you this answer doesn’t really exist on the net yet. Please oh Please. check this out! Basically, does the phone mirror to your TV like a laptop or what is the interface?