Whoa, check out this awesome new concept design featuring an LG phone with two displays. Yes this is just a concept but it’s still fun to imagine and the video below is worth a look in itself. This isn’t the Kyocera Echo idea, instead we have a display on the front — and on the back. a two-sided Android smartphone for the ultimate multitasker.

Even though something like this would most likely just be a novely it is still an awesome concept and I could see LG making one in the future. Brought to us by sdigital.com.au we have a new look at smartphones. The idea is simple — switch the way you think, and switch the way you multitask. Simply flip the phone around to the back for true multitasking. From email, browsing or whatever else you have in mind, then just quickly flip it back around and be right where you left off. Obviously we’d use the motion sensors to disable the screen underneath so you don’t accidentally click stuff, but this could actually work quite well.

They’ve even thrown together a neat video for everyone to watch. It is short and sweet but gives you a better idea of the design concept and their sense of direction with the project. We still can’t help it but think of the extremely poor sales the Kyocera Echo experience, and maybe that will be what ultimately stops the idea from moving forward. This was a fun and unique concept and figured you’d like to check it out. Tell us what you think of the idea by dropping us a comment.

[via Pocket Now]

  • Oh…it’s made by LG. They did such a fine job with the G2X.

    Don’t buy anything these people make. Remember, they used to be GoldStar.

    • concept.. as in LG didn’t design it. but lol about the G2x and its leaky screen

  • Snowysa

    how do they expect ppl to hold this crap?

    • Jon Garrett

      with their hands and not with their feet.  lol.

      its simple., the side you’re not using is locked. so you dont have to worry about touching it. when you flip it, you unlock it.

      • Yup the gyro or motion sensors realize your turning it around and the other side goes to sleep so you don’t click stuff. simple task really

  • It is expected that the new idea about two displays.