The LG Revolution is next in line to get an update, sadly this wont be that tasty Gingerbread 2.3 and you’re not getting any milk either but it will fix a pile of bugs and add some new features. This will be the first update for the Verizon LTE device, it is 69MB and will bring users to version VS910ZV6.

The update will bring along improvements to users while on calls, updates to email and texting applications and a host of other things all seen in the picture above. The voice data app will now be pre-loaded with text to speech and the all popular VCAST App Store is getting an update too.

It may not be too exciting or bring unlimited tethering and Gingerbread but plenty of the pre-loaded applications will get updated in the process. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Kindle, Rockband and then everyone’s favorite — Bing! Basically all the bloatware will get updated as well as a few software enhancements and bug fixes.

Hopefully next on the list is Android 2.3 Gingerbread but at least they are updating and fixing bugs in a timely manor. Users should start seeing this update land on their Revolutions starting soon.

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[via Verizon Support]

  • Iad773

    How about they fix the terrible battery life first? Makes the phone practically unusable…

  • Len Raphael

    my lg rev is useless as a business phone because it is so buggy. on my second replacement but clearly the problem is the o/s implementation not hardware. with the help of extended battery, can live with the poor battery life that i expected.

    what i didn’t expect were random events that required hard resets. eg. the “blank screen” of death on rebooting.

    can’t even create a “direct dial” shortcut on home screen without crashing it. have to use 3rd party app.

    vzw tier 2 techs took two hours just trying to figure out how to reset when screen is blank because documentation poor.

    4g’s simultaneous data/voice is great but have spent hours reconfiguring device.

    the main purchased backup app, sprite, wipes out data connectivity upon restore of settings. hard reset again.

    not ready for prime time.

    • lg is non responsive

      anyone else interested in a class action against lg?


    When I got my revolution in July I was happy with it it had minor problems and the battery was no surprise but then LG did an update and it screwed the whole phone up the whole phone is hard to use now the internet is almost impossible even typing this tried my patients they record the phone of they don’t fix it real soon then they better give us our money back