LG responds: They are not working on the Nexus 5

January 15, 2013

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Earlier rumors sprung up suggesting that LG had halted production on the Nexus 4. According to the story, LG was stopping production on the Nexus 4 and shifting things toward the Nexus 5. Anyway, it looks like another chapter has come available for the topic. But nicely, this chapter includes details from an LG official.

The details are coming by way of the Korean language Chosun Biz website and in short, production of the Nexus 4 has not been stopped. Granted, that is not to say there is not an LG Nexus 5 coming at some point in the future, however as of now there is nothing in regards to a new Nexus.

In fact, the LG official noted that the "domestic Pyeongtaek manufacturing plant has been producing the Nexus 4 without a hitch" and that the rumors of the Nexus 5 are "unfounded." And perhaps key for those looking forward, it was also said that LG has yet to finalize their product plans for Mobile World Congress 2013.

The catch here, while LG has made it clear that the Nexus 4 production remains on-track, that does not seem to have changed the fact that the handset has been mostly unavailable for some time now. A quick check of the US Google Play Store has both the 8GB and 16GB Nexus 4 as being sold out. Otherwise, aside from grabbing the handset direct from Google, there has been some availability with carriers.

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  • x3avier

    They aren’t working on the Nexus 4 either… pull your thumbs out LG and Google

  • crankyd00d

    “domestic Pyeongtaek manufacturing plant has been producing the Nexus 4 without a hitch” What a load of crap, how many people do they employ at that plant? 2? Lol