LG planning to show “revolutionary” phones at Mobile World Congress

February 10, 2012

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With Mobile World Congress 2012 soon approaching the invites and press releases keep rolling in. LG has just sent out a few that are saying they will be showing a "revolutionary smartphone for 2012" that is piquing our interest to say the least. Most likely they are talking about the recently teased Optimus Vu 5" smartphone linked below but that might not be all.

We've already seen or heard reports of 3 new smartphones from LG that all will be bringing something different to the table (All linked below). It almost seems as if they are putting things out there hoping to see what sticks. First off is the most recent and interesting. The LG Optimus Vu 5" 4:3 aspect ratio phone that is directly aiming at the Galaxy Note from Samsung.

Then we have the leaked LG X3 that will be replacing the T-Mobile G2x and will most likely be LG's first NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core smartphone. Reported to rock a 4.7" HD screen, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and of course that quad-core processor. All specs we are hoping to see plenty of in the coming weeks and months from most manufacturers -- although phones are starting to get too large if you ask me.

Last is the one I'm least interested in. That is the LG Optimus 3D 2 (C2X) or whatever you want to call it. Being a successor to the mildly entertaining LG Thrill 4G (aka Optimus 3D) smartphone with dual 5 megapixel cameras and a glasses-free 3D display. It shouldn't be much different from the original but have a better screen and maybe a little thinner. I'm not sold on 3D in smartphones and I don't think I ever will be, but we'll see.

I'm most excited to see what they have in store with the X3 quad-core phone as that is the next frontier for Android smartphones and a step many will be taking this next few months as we get ready for the summer smartphone push. Again we'll be live at in Spain for all the details so be sure and follow us and check our MWC 2012 portal often.

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  • Anonymous

    LG & AT&T need to stop worrying about new phones and upgrade the OS on the old phones they have i.e. LG Thrill 4G. This is ridiculous the Optimus has had f****** Gingerbread for months now & the Thrill hasn’t even had word except when AT&T lied & said the end of 2011& here it is now Feb 2012 still no word or no update, but of course you can’t trust a carrier or a manufacturer to keep they’re promises or word all they do is lie to get people to fall for it so they can make millions off of people who are supposed to able to trust the carriers & manufacturers. But all they care about is their stock holders & the end year report & dollar signs. I guess that’s why AT&T has had the worst customer service the last 2 years running. Way to reach for the stars. Never Again LG & AT&T will i listen to the blatant lies of yeah this phone well be upgraded to the latest Android OS by the end of the year which was 2011. & your sales rep are the worst all they care about is making the sale & getting their commission. If they thought it would sell they would sell you a wet paper bag full of sh*t & swear to you it’s Gingerbread cookies just as long as you believe it’s got Gingerbread. They will tell you whatever you want to hear just so customers will buy a phone.

  • Guest

    “piquing”. Standards, please.

  • What would be truly revolutionary from LG would be a phone that works as advertised, a phone that is quality tested before being sold, a phone that’s supported after the sale.

    Look to the G2X for how LG makes and supports phones.

    LG makes crap; they’ve always made crap; and I wouldn’t take any of their products for free.

  • LG phones are at best fit for being used as doggy entertainment or better yet frisbee’s – sluggish, sad camera – whats the point of 3d on a phone anyway – please show me 3d apps not games.

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