Thanks to an eager LG Fan’s post on LG’s Facebook page, we have learned that the LG Optimus One could get a Gingerbread update in the Spring. This is the first time that LG has placed an official date for a Gingerbread roll out. The date is subject to change, but the plan is to make it available in the Android Market but the end of May. Makes one wonder if LG is being cautious since there was trouble with an OTA update of Android 2.2 (Froyo) to the Galaxy S.

Then again, past LG practice has been to have updates occur through the LG update tool. If it isn’t a mistake by LGs social media folks, by pointing to the Android Market, users could update it at their own pace, and if there’s any hiccups, LG may not necessarily be deluged and have to stall the update to work out any issues with handsets digesting their Gingerbread. Likely though, the manor in which phones are updated will change.

The LG Optimus One (aka LG P500) is a very popular phone worldwide, with several million having been sold. In the US, it’s known as Optimus models M, S, T, and U. It’s also known as the LG Vortex. It has a modest 600 Mhz processor, 3.2 inch HVGA display and sells for around $250.

[via UnWired View]

  • I just talked to some LG person in Northern India..
    As per him, there is no plan to upgrade to Android 2.3 for LG Optimus One P500.
    Only the Optimus 2x will have 2.3 as per present plans

    • Samrox144

      Hey they already realeased in uk.and russia

  • Wake Up !!!

    This update is a con regarding the update to Android 2.3. it’s just rumours so people buy the phone thinking that they will be able to update it to 2.3 at a later date.
    Note: for the last few months the update was due at the end of MAY ( may has gone – where’s the update ? )
    Now it’s the end of June and/or july…. come on people, Wake Up !!