LG Optimus 3D video preview: “No longer just an idea”

February 8, 2011

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LG's Optimus 3D continues to emerge in a steady drip of pre-MWC 2011 details, the latest being a render video that seemingly tallies with the leaked handset spotted last month. Pocket-lint's source sent them the footage, which shows a brief glimpse of the murky smartphone and some double-flashing action from the camera array on the rear.

The video follows footage of LG's other 3D-toting Android device, the LG G-Tablet, which emerged earlier today. Unlike the G-Tablet, however, the Optimus 3D is expected to have a glasses-free 3D display which can show three-dimensional pictures without the silly specs.

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  • Steve

    LG Optimus is outsourced to a chinese vendor company Shingling Tec based in tianjin! Please check out the link below: http://shinglingtec.com.ta