The waters are starting to get a little murky regarding Google’s plans for the next true Nexus. We’re not talking HTC One or GALAXY S 4 ‘Google Editions‘ but a true Nexus smartphone. Obviously they are hard at work with Motorola on the X, as confirmed last night, and even today confirmed the Nexus program is still fully under way. So what will we see next, and will it be the LG Nexus 5?

Earlier this week LG denied Nexus 5 involvement, which was expected, but sources have apparently confirmed that at least some sort of Nexus 5 prototype has been finished and is in the testing phases by LG. This doesn’t mean the next Nexus will necessarily be from LG, but what they’d like to offer has been made, and is being shown to top Google execs like CEO Larry Page.

The information mentioned above is nothing but a rumor at this point, but the site has been correct in the past on multiple leaks from Korea. At least according to UnwiredView. According to them the next-gen Nexus 5 has been under testing for the past month, already shown to Google, and is picking up steam. However, there’s absolutely no other details that gives us a glimpse of hope or a release window.


The device is under extreme security conditions, and leaks probably won’t be happening anytime soon of the new flagship device. The report goes on to mention that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will indeed be coming later this year, and we could see a release of both the Nexus 5 and Android KLP in October – a year after the Nexus 4 hit the streets.

We’ve seen an unknown LG device leak recently that could be their next Optimus G2, or the Nexus 5, but for now we’ll have to wait and see.

SOURCE: UnwiredView

  • Phone_Junkie

    Google and whoever ends up making the next Nexus phone, please make white available on day 1. Thank you.

    • Meh.

    • JX

      Just make it available on day 1. Nexus 4 was sold out before you could blink and stayed sold out for months.

    • Christian


    • Jim Rickards

      I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the color thing. Pretty much 99% of the people who buy phones ends up buying a case, that is in camo, or 8-bit, or whatever.

      • Christian

        Yeah a lot of people do, but I hate using cases which ends up making a phone even more bulky than it already is.

      • Jim Rickards

        I agree. Nexus 4 here, and I like the bumper case. Very minimal.

  • vperl

    Corster, great fiction. Not even a rumor.

  • Andres Galvan

    The Nexxi are always a departure from the manufacturer’s flagship of the time. Mostly same specs, around same size and res screen.
    Nexus One – HTC Desire
    Nexus S – Samsung Galaxy S
    Galaxy Nexus – Samsung Galaxy S II…?
    Nexus 4 – LG Optimus G Pro

    Nexus 5? – LG Optimus G Pro?
    What I can’t see is a Nexus of that size. I really don’t think Google would want to make a Nexus for a niche market. If LG is making the next Nexus off of the Optimus G2, like we saw in that leak earlier this month, it should be announced soon, but we haven’t seen enough leaks for that to happen yet. While I’m not saying I don’t think LG will be the manufacturer, I’m just sorta sceptical about it.

  • vperl

    Experts all, actually AREA 51 is making the N5 . I have proof.