Today some reports and comments are coming out from the folks at LG regarding supply and demand for the hotly anticipated and selling like crazy LG Nexus 4. As you all know, the new smartphone has sold out in 20-30 minutes almost every time it has been available. Today CNET UK had a quick talk with LG and they had some rather bland and “duh” replies.

While talking about the Nexus with with LG UK the question came up regarding supply and demand and why they weren’t able to keep up. The phone has been rather elusive for all those people looking to buy one (myself included) and LG simply stated “high demand” was the problem. My first reply was: what did you expect? An amazing phone for $299 wouldn’t be in high demand? They must be taking crazy pills.

Back in November the device sold out in about 25 minutes, then last week it went up for sale again only to completely crash the Google Play Store (which I still call BS on) and users have been trying their darnest to get their own. The smartphone has went from 8-9 week ship times, to sold out, to back down to shipping in 4-5 weeks. Basically it’s been a hot mess for Google and LG. Either they’re selling waaaay more than anticipated, or this is a clever trick to keep the smartphone in the limelight.

“The device has proven extremely popular, and as such retailers have been met with huge demand. We are working closely with Google to ensure that those who wish to purchase a handset are able to do so.”

So far it looks like Google’s original estimates were way short of the actual demand. From what CNET is reporting LG supplied what was asked of them, so clearly something doesn’t quite add up. I’m not quite sold on the fact that the Play Store couldn’t handle the demand, considering millions and millions of smartphones access it every single minute. To me this sounds like a clever marketing trick to keep Google, Android, and the LG Nexus 4 in the news. I’m fine with all 3 of course because Android is boss, but still. I can’t help but wonder what the actual sales numbers would be if everyone that wanted one was able to purchase it already.

Have you managed to get a Nexus 4 yet? Or are you still waiting for those long ship estimates, or for another chance at the Play Store order process? Let us know!

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  • I had quite an interesting experience with the play store.
    I tried to buy it on December 4th, there was a technical problem, then I sent an email complaining and they answered me I should keep trying.
    Yesterday I managed to complete the purchase, with the estimated shipping time of 5 to 6 weeks.

    Then today I got an email saying it is shipped!!!!
    I can’t wait for it!!

  • pad4651

    I Ordered mine 7pm on the 4th with 4-5 estimated shipping, and to my surprise received it this morning, i’ve not had any shipping emails, just 1 email to say i’ve order with 4-5 week estimate delivery. And i’m pleased to say its Awesome!!!

    • My experience matches yours exactly. Ordered just after 7pm on the 4th. Got a receipt that night, then shipping notice last night, and the box is on my desk right now.

      A buddy of mine ordered November 27, has heard squat since then.

      This launch just gets weirder every day.

      • weird…

      • Slycerr

        I ordered mine on the 27th with a 2-3 week estimate and have heard nothing as well.

      • Annon

        I ordered mine on the 27th with 2-3 week lead-time. I just received shipping notice today.

      • Slycerr

        Just recieved my shipping notice today as well, I’m exited to see it will arrive Monday evening!

      • wilks79

        Same here. Ordered on 27th in the 2-3 week window. Phone showed up just over a week later.

    • I ordered on the 28th, and haven’t heard anything either. Just curious, are you experiencing the so called buzzing issues?

      I wonder if I am better off cancelling the order and placing another order.

      • pad4651

        No issues with my device whatsoever, i love it

  • mike

    I ordered mine in canada on december 3 and the shipping time is 7-8 weeks estimated. I hope i get mine soon.

  • titanium_man

    Think I will hold off and wait for the Nexus 5

  • bomberman

    i ordered mine on 3rd Dec and it has 1-2 weeks shipping

  • JLH

    bought a different phone couldn’t be bothered to wait!

  • Ananta Cuffee

    I was able to get two during the first launch. It was tough and The second one I got came as an error. LOVE the phone. Where’s the wireless charging dock though???

    • Try LG’s WCP-700 charging mat, under $40 used from Amazon. Works great with Nexus 4.

      • Ananta Cuffee


  • DJ_suMo8

    Got mines at T-Mobile Nov 14 at approximately 9:17 AM

  • I have my phone (and LOVE it) but waiting on the bumpers to come back in stock.

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for mine. And they don’t give updates when you inquire. Seeing as mine was ordered on the 28th here’s hoping I receive it tomorrow.

  • Deus Invictus

    I ordered mine yesterday at lunch and got an e-mail at 4AM today saying it has shipped…I wasn’t expecting that. Should have it either tomorrow or Saturday… first foray into all touch screen phones…G2 you will be missed.

  • Kcfrank

    I tried but did not succeed. Now I have change my mine and going with a Samsung galaxy note 2 instead. I can not wait that long.

  • legend618

    i have asked but nobody has given me an educated answer. how long does it take to make one single smartphone? does it take hours? days? weeks?

  • master94

    This is LG, its not used to having a demand for any of their products. Cant really blame them for the delays.

  • Why dont they tell us how many they sold? bet it’s like 100k since luanch. They havent produced enough. If i hear they have sold a pathetic amount in a few weeks time,i will…..laugh. Guess LG are no Samsung or Apple

  • rinan

    ordered on the 4th dec with 1-2 weeks delivery (UK) and it’s still pending, yet others i know ordered hours after me with a 4-5 week wait and have already received their devices, don’t quite understand google’s process of selection here. called customer services and they were unable to answer the question