LG GPad tablet tipped in new trademark filing

July 22, 2013

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The folks from LG are aiming to have a pretty solid end to 2013, and now it looks like we could be seeing a lot more than just the upcoming flagship LG G2 smartphone. After officially confirming the "G" will be their new premium brand name, like Samsung's Galaxy, we're now seeing some filings suggesting an LG GPad will follow the G2 smartphone.

For those who don't remember, LG hasn't made a tablet in quite a while after their few failed attempts early on in Android's life. The LG G-Slate on T-Mobile never took a hold of the market, and we've only seen smartphones and a few phablets from the Korean company as of late.

Recent reports earlier this year suggested LG was working on some new tablets, and today we have a trademark filing that appears to confirm the new GPad name. This would be a premium device in their new G series, possible called a G-Pad, and that's all we really know at this moment.

The trademark filing comes alongside some other wearable devices, which we'll talk about shortly, so stay tuned for more details out of team LG. The new and impressive 5.2-inch LG G2 will debut on August 7th, and we're hoping a new GPad tablet will soon follow, possibly at IFA in early September.

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  • DDAWGS 519

    hmmm, gonna keep my eyes open for this entry, ijs,
    sure cant wait for the LG-G2 tho, EASTSIIIIIIDE

  • Justin Land

    I just hope its the 3d glasses free tablet I have been waiting for for ever for!

  • Justin Land

    I love lg products but there not using what they got to make what they really could. They have the best 3d tech going on & they make a pretty good phone with it. now they just need to put that into a tab and make streaming our 3d bluerays @1080p worth it!