LG G3 announcement tipped for mid-May

January 17, 2014

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This isn't the first time we have seen rumors dealing with the next LG flagship device, but this time around it seems an announcement timeframe has been narrowed down. The device in question is the LG G3 and based on recent reports coming out of the Korean media, we may be seeing an announcement come mid-May. More specifically, asiae.co.kr reports the announcement will take place on May 17th.

Assuming the mid-May timeframe proves to be accurate, this would have LG working on somewhat of a quicker timeline. Those looking back will remember the LG G2 was announced in the early part of August 2013. While we obviously still need the official word from LG before we start marking our calendars, we should mention how these latest reports are coming by way of unnamed "industry sources."

We have yet to see a full set of specs for the LG G3, but details for the display have begun to surface. The G3 display is expected to measure in at 5.5-inches and arrive with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. Earlier reports have also suggested the rear-facing camera may be 16 megapixels with optical image stabilization (OIS).

There hasn't been all that much in the way of processor speed, however there was talk of the G3 sporting something octa-core. It looks like this will not be Qualcomm, but instead something based on the Cortex-A50 design, which is 64-bit. That all being said, for now we have to remember these details are all firmly in the rumor category.

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  • Andrew White

    An in-house processor, whether that be 8 or 4 core it really doesn’t matter in my opinion, as long as this device can provide better than 1080p videos (shot by the new 16mp on-board camera) that meld easily to LG or Sony’s UHD TV.
    The screen should be 2k or better, but if that is not possible on a 5.2″ then I’m sure few will complain about the beautiful current generation 1080p displays.
    64bit will be evolutionary on already very smartphones. This though is almost a given on Linux based Android systems. I can’t see hand held devices running at 3Ghz on 32bit architecture.

  • Pam Oakea

    Sounds great… Bring it on.