It looks like the G2x will start to get more and more accessories over the next few days now that it has been officially released. You can see our full review of the G2x here. Today we have a nice kickstand case for you all that just bought the G2x.

It is made by LG, it says Google on the Aluminum strip just like the Optimux 2x, or G2x does. From the pictures and from what I have heard it works great, and has the same amazing build quality as the G2x and it feels very well made. It will fit both devices as they are the same design. Now you can feel cool like the HTC EVO and its kickstand does.

It is available now from Expansys, and make sure you order from the USA store if you are in the states. For a direct link to the product I have that also, it is here. We at AndroidCommunity have one that is currently on the way and we will make sure to review it and let you know our thoughts on it, the build quality, and how well it holds the phone up once we get it. Thanks!

[via Expansys]

  • Alex

    Will it work in landscape mode? It’s a great idea for a case, but who really wants a kickstand for portrait mode? I’ll have to wait and see, especially at $30.

    • Derick

      I received my case today. It’s not bad, although for the price, I expected a bit more. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. The phone snaps snuggly in the case and it seems to protect the phone around the edges and backside. The edge of the case doesn’t get in the way of the edges of the screen. The case is plastic and feels somewhat cheap, but protective enough. The kickstand is neat and puts the phone at a good angle whether standing upright or in landscape. I definitely feel that it will be useful for propping it on a plane’s tray table and I think the angle is comfortable enough. The one thing about the kickstand is that it’s not metal which I thought it would be in the picture. The stand is plastic and I feel that it won’t be durable. I can easily see it snapping off if not careful. Also, I can see the hinge getting loose over time and the kickstand not staying in place when folded into the case. I do wish the surface of the protector had more grip to it. It is a slick plastic so some people may feel like it will slip out of their hands. Another thing I do like about the case is that it doesn’t make the phone feel that much bigger. The phone is actually too thin for my liking. I actually feel like the phone will fall out of my hand if not gripped tightly due to how thin it is. I think the case adds just enough thickness to feel better in the hand and not make the phone too bulky, especially when carrying it in your front pockets. There are cutouts into the casing for the HDMI, USB, and volume rocker port and switches. The casing does make the volume rocker buttons feel more recessed and possibly more difficult to press; however, I found myself accidentally pressing the buttons when I’m on the phone as is and maybe this will keep my fingers from accidentally pressing them as much so the recess feel may not be a bad thing to some.

  • James

    LG G2x cases available at Limited quantity. While supplies last. $7.95 each.

  • James

    LG G2x cases available at Limited quantity. While supplies last. $7.95 each.

  • It certainly looks pretty nifty!!..

  • Vanteks1

    i wonder how well it works in landscape mode

  • Waterbeds1

    thats a really nice g2x case, but i use this g2x extended battery, so the case wont fit…anyone know where i can find a similar case for an extendeed battery?

  • Dan

    I purchased the product and it got the job done as a case with a kickstand. However, to be honest the material was extremely cheap and fragile. The hard plastic was very slippery and light. While it fit snug in the beginning, it got slightly loose after a month. In addition, the hinge for the kickstand also got loose after a month of use. Right out of the box, the hinge would be tight and make the kickstand snap back into the case but got loose and ended up dangling around like a door on a windy day. To make things worse, the kickstand snapped off not because of an accident, but because the hinge was molded too close to the surface of the case.