Earlier this month the folks from LG announced their latest and greatest smartphone with some stunning specs all across the board. From having the world’s thinnest 5.2-inch full HD 1080p display, a quad-core processor and more the LG G2 is nice. Sadly the only release date was August-September, and they’ll share more details soon. Well, today we’re learning those additional details.

It looks like the LG G2 smartphone could hit Verizon on September 12th, then follow that by launching on AT&T on the 13th. The device is set to hit the 4 major US carriers, so these could be first, or T-Mobile might beat them to the punch. We’re not sure at the moment. These reports come way of an AndroidCentral insider, so take the dates with a grain of salt. This isn’t official.

During the launch event in New York City we were told late August by a few LG reps, but so far the word on the street has been early September for most carriers. If they were going to launch this month, we would probably all have heard something by now.


Reports have surfaced that the Galaxy Note III and its 5.68-inch display is coming the second week of September. Followed by the HTC One Max at some point, so LG might be trying to beat the competition to shelves — and customers hands. The September 12/13 dates are only a rumor for now, but hopefully we learn something soon.

We have a feeling LG will be pushing carriers for announcements before the September 4th unveil of the Note III and upcoming Sony Xperia. Get ready for those backside touch controls.


  • shaun firtell

    Only downside to having the power and volume buttons on the back is case designs. Cases will have to be thin in order to reach the buttons meaning not much protection. I really think their choice to put the controls on the back is going to make this otherwise fantastic device a loser among all the Flagship smart phones arriving in the next two months.

    • Manny Subia

      I thought about the same thing with the cases. If you think about it, Most cases already have a rear cutout for the camera,……so if they make it just a little larger it would work fine I’m guessing. But we’ll just have to wait and see……..

  • Jared Keplinger

    All I have to day is get this sucker out and into my hands!

  • MSmith79

    All they have to do is give me a recent apps button and they have my business.

    • Mutomi Sconi

      do it yourself, the lg g2 launcher allows you to add/remove and change the skin of the main buttons at the bottom, which is actually nice, no need to download third party junk

      • MSmith79

        Recent apps isn’t an option that can be added.

      • Mutomi Sconi

        oh i see what you mean, the “multitasking icon” ah, why would you want a button for that when its a 3 finger swipe from anywhere?

  • dave

    5 freakin logos on this phone. That is unacceptable.