LG G2 mini revealed with 4.7-inch qHD display and Kit Kat

February 19, 2014

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LG has announced another handset before the official beginning of Mobile World Congress. Last week it was the G Pro 2 and L Series III, and today we are seeing specs for the G2 mini. Though, given the size of the display, this one may not fully live up to the mini part of the name. The LG G2 mini will be sporting a 4.7-inch display. And for reference, that not-so-mini display will have a qHD resolution of 960 x 540.

One highlight for the handset will be the version of Android. LG will be launching the G2 mini with Kit Kat. And in addition, they will also be including some of the LG specifics in terms of software with options such as Guest Mode. Otherwise, the G2 mini will be powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

Storage will be expandable by way of the included microSD memory card slot, and the camera setup will include a 1.3MP on the front with an 8MP on the back. As we saw from the teaser image recently shared by LG, the G2 mini will indeed have the buttons (power and volume rocker) sitting on the back, just below the camera lens.

While LG did offer the complete set of specs, there are still some details we hope to learn during MWC. Namely, the price and something a bit more specific in terms of a release timeframe. For now LG has said the handset will be coming to Russia in March, and then arriving in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East not long after.

VIA: GSMinfo.nl, The Verge

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  • Nathan Bryant

    4.7 is not mini. A screen that big with qHD is terrible. These companies cannot execute.

    • kize

      kinda depends on the bezels, LG has the really thin bezels.
      But… by the picture, i have my doubts if its that really a mini, and looks taller like the iphone5 and i dont like thos screen ratios :

      • lislecvd109

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