Consumer Reports, known for running various items through their paces before giving the thumbs up or down, has released their “Top 10 electronics products of 2013” list. The list, which simply gives a loosely-based rundown of all the things they’ve enjoyed thus far, has a somewhat surprising addition this year.

The LG G2 is noted as a Consume Reports choice as a “brilliant smart phone”. Noting that the G2 has a “stunning 5.2-inch display and a battery that doesn’t know when to quit”, Consumer Reports also liked the button placement on the rear of the device. They also thought LG’s UI for the G2 was interesting, and enjoyed the shortcuts they have worked in.

the list also includes the newest iPhone, which Consumer Reports notes is the best iPhone yet. Interestingly enough, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch tablet made Consumer Reports dub it a “top-notch tablet” for the screen and new features, like Mayday. The Chromecast also made an appearance as Consumer Reports’ favorite streaming device of 2013.

We’re surprised because the LG G2 is a polarizing design choice, and the ubiquitous Android company Samsung has been left off the list entirely in regard to mobile. Their highly priced and ultra-sharp curved OLED TV made a mark, as it should, but nothing mobile. With the Galaxy Gear, Galaxy S4 and Note 3 all making an impact this year, we’re surprised they didn’t have another spot on the list.

VIA: Android Authority

  • aznmode1

    I agree. The note 3 at least shouldve been up there.

    • RickD2011

      Hm, not sure how the S4 or Note3 made any “impact”. It’s not like they took a risk and did anything disruptive on those products…
      The Galaxy Gear was a disruptive attempt at least, but whether it qualifies as “top electronics” is maybe also a bit questionable…

      However, the same can maybe be said about the iPhone being “the best iPhone yet”. By this metrics, the Note3 could also have been “the best Note yet”…

  • Steved12

    This phone is simply the best electronics product I’ve seen in my life. Simply perfect in each aspect. Thank you LG!

  • Sammy

    iPhone has been my first smartphone. I am almost certain I want to buy this phone shortly. That’s how much of an impact the phone has had and made my decision to jump from iOS easier.

  • Babs Oyed

    Surprised the Note 3 wasn’t on there. It’s by far the most functional phone out there.