LG Bryce aka MS910 Clears the FCC, Headed to MetroPCS with 4G LTE

July 14, 2011

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MetroPCS looks to be stepping up in the world of Android and we have heard a lot of news regarding them in the past few days, call it a revolution. Just a few days ago we first got wind of a LG Revolution looking phone called the LG Bryce and according to our sources it has just passed the FCC with 4G LTE and all on board.

Looking just like its brother the LG Revolution the LG Bryce is packing all the same features, as well as that blazing fast 4G LTE. It cuts down a few things like the internal storage from 16GB to only 4GB but you can still throw a 32GB MicroSD card if you need more space. Other than that the specs are about the same.

Users on MetroPCS will get the same 4.3" display, 1 Ghz CPU, 5MP camera as well as HDMI-out and everything else the Revolution we linked to above has. This will be a great offering over on MetroPCS and I'm sure a few of you are excited for its release. We are hearing an October release date but hopefully they get it to market sooner than that. It will however come with Android 2.3.4 updated from the 2.2 on the Revolution.

[via Engadget]

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  • visitor831

    metro pcs cant be stoped. pripaid is the future,all the expensive carriers are on notice your days are numbered if you dont bring down those phony rates that have nothing to do with service,rip up the two year contracts and follow metro,cricket ect to the future……………ps:with phones like the lg bryce coming out for metro i say to everyone rip the contract and pay 50 bucks a month.

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