Today it looks like the folks from LG have one-upped and beat Samsung to the punch with a brand new feature for their flagship Android smartphones. What is this new feature? Eye tracking and recognition that will pause and play video when it recognizes you look away from your device. If that sounds familiar it’s because we’ve heard similar rumors about a feature for the Galaxy S4.

Tomorrow in NYC Samsung will be taking the stage to announce their new flagship and “The Next Galaxy” which is the Galaxy S4. One of the many features we’re expecting to see is this same type of eye recognition tech. It’s being reported as called “Eye Scroll” where the device will scroll up and down the page automatically for you based on eye recognition, and the same goes for playing back video. Sadly these are just rumors and LG’s officially announced the same technology this afternoon – beating them to the punch. Or being copycats. You decide.

According to LGNewsroom, the LG Optimus G Pro will be the first device with such technology, and it will be embedded into their Smart Video application. This will enable the device to track and sense your eyes, then pause and play video playback if you look away from the display. You wouldn’t want to miss a frame right? There will be no manual input needed from the viewer, the Optimus G Pro will do all the work.

If we didn’t know any better I’d say LG is looking to steal some of Samsung’s glory before the big unveil tomorrow. The only difference being LG’s feature will initially only be available on the Optimus G Pro, a Korean exclusive for now, while the Galaxy S4 will probably launch worldwide next month. Either way LG’s dual-camera recording technology we mentioned a few weeks ago, as well as this new feature are surely pushing the cutting edge. Keep it up guys!

[via Pocket-Lint]

  • mikeGsays

    For LG to “steal Samsung’s thunder,” they would have to change their name to Samsung. LG still has nothing on Samsung in terms of innovation, the numbers don’t lie….

    • Truth

      • Explain to me how that’s the truth? The technology is old and they didn’t just make it happen in a few weeks, it’s clearly been planned cus last time i checked we didn’t know about the rumor until about 2 weeks ago. Get over it that Samsung isn’t the god of all Android ideas…. lol

      • He meant in general, not this technology. Which is that LG has nothing on Samsung. In that regard, he’s absolutely right.

  • Gary

    Doesnt that LG look suspiciously like the galaxy note 2 lol… Hmmm. Either way, I have an LG TV, however the thought of having one as my daily driver just doesnt do it for me I’m afraid. Just something about it that’s… Well…. Meh. The Galaxy line however just has that something special about it. Even I was the biggest critic of “touchwiz” but now, I love it! Guess I’m turning into a bit of a Fansung lol