Never heard of Le Pan? You’re not alone. The budget manufacturer hasn’t made much of a splash with its Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb tablets based on OEM designs, but they turned a few heads when showing off the Le Pan III tablet at CES, promising (like many others) Ice Cream Sandwich and a rock-bottom price tag. Now the little tablet that could has passed through the FCC, presumably on its way to a US release. That’s good news for anybody looking for an ICS tablet and willing to take a chance on a little-known manufacturer.

Based on Le Pan’s press release from CES, the III has a 1.5ghz dual-core TI OMAP 4460 running in conjunction with a full gig of ram and 8GB of on-board storage. That can be augmented with a MicroSD card, and connection options are limited to WiFi and Bluetooth. A surprising 5 megapixel 1080p camera hangs out on the back with a 2MP front-facing twin. Le Pan hasn’t said how big or dense their screen is, but based on the photo above (and the Le Pan II’s specifications) I’d say a 9 or 10-inch 1024×768 panel is more than likely.

The Le Pan II is already available sporting Honeycomb and the slightly slower TI OMAP 4430 processor, though at $279 MSRP is isn’t exactly a bargain. That would put the Le Pan III at $320 or more at the very least. On the plus side it should get access to the Android Market/Google Play Store, giving users an easy path to the ~300,000 apps available at the moment. Since Le Pan’s other two tablets are already on the market (albeit in seemingly small quantities) the Le Pan III should be popping up some time in late spring or summer.

[via Engadget]

  • Shadyblue9o9

    Umm, actually the Le Pan II runs a Qualcomm APQ8060 (1.2 GHz, Dual Core) 🙂 not a TI OMAP… how do i know?? i own one… also this it would not hurt to do a little research before writing an article

    • Will Ogilvie

      Quick question since you own one: Since the le pan tablets have a different aspect ratio than most other android devices, how do android apps translate to that shape?

      • Ada

        i have the le pan 2 and am very fappy with it. this is the first device i’ve ever had that had any kind of market on it,but i think the apps fit the screen great. now keep in mind this is my first time with the mmarket,but from the apps i have on my tablet i can see evertything fine & nothing is cut off. hope that answers your question. i am glad i purchased the le pan 2 & if i have the funds when the le pan 3 comes out i will buy one.

      • Someonett

        I also have one le pan ii. Some of the aspect does not work right with certain apps. Say port rate vs landscape mode not that big of a deal if you ask me. Overallbim pretty impressed with it. Videos sometime start out funny but clear up. This in Only on net flix. Every thing else plays fine out the gate. Netflix does clear up about 20 seconds into video. This thing will give and I pad a run. Oh and the le pan plays flash I pad does not. Typing on this can lag too. But I’d say for what the price point is and what you get you really can’t go wrong. Also, where I got mine from three years warranty for 30 bucks so I’m covered if t greaksbfaiks or I drop it. Lol. I also like the wrist strap which I thought was stupid, till I starting walking and doing stuff wopps slips out of your hand and the strap around wrist prevents disaster. Lol. Check one out. Fyi the best place to price one up is hsn or shopnbc as they 30days and you can check a break if the are on sale and ir you can pick it up on value pays. 30 days to try it out. You’ll know in ten days if its a keeper

      • Si

        Ada, well said. The Le Pan brand is be of the most under rated brand of Android tablets currently on the market that is on par with the iPad 1 and 2. I too own a Le Pan 2 and love it…its fast, built very well, and although Le Pan will not offer Jelly Bean as a future upgrade it is fully capable of running it once rooted (which by the way I am still looking for a successful root tool to do it) it can still be upgraded to a stable ROM . In a nutshell I think Le Pan has the potential to be another Samsung like product. When I tell people the name of my tablet they have no clue….that was the reaction most people had when Samsung began to tackle the big screen TV market in the mid nineties. I bought my first large screen TV which was 27″ in 1994 when Samsung was not even known much less a household name. That TV was an awesome durable TV that lasted 12 years before I had to put it to rest. Since that time all of my video (monitors and TV) had to be a Samsung …look at them now…Sony is just a footnote in the video world in comparison to what Samsung has achieved. I would not be surprised if Le Pan could have the same success.

  • austin

    If anyone get it please write a review so I can get a le pan III or and Acer iconia. And I like it and I’m the reason HSN got the le pan II. And I hope the to find a great android tablet.

  • waterboy

    Wow!!, just when I thought le pan couldn’t do any better, they’ve up the game again. I love my le pan 2 and may end up getting the 3 when it hits stores. I think the best thing about it is IT DOES NOT GET HOT OR WARM WHEN USING. Nothing wrong with the aspect ratio on it as far as I know. My strap is still in the box since I have the case for it. Also, Big lots sells these for $249 not refurbs. This tab does give the apple product a run for the funds!!

  • corcor

    I am using a Lepan2 to type this. Its really a nice well built tablet. It plays everything and supports flash so that’s a big plus for me. The battery goes for a couple of days under normal use. The display is nice and bright and crisp. My gf has an ipad 2 and it is a bit lighter and thinner than the lepan.The ipad screen has a bit better resolution but it costs $200 more so big deal!.. apps look just fine on the le pan screen too. If I had to say something negative -I wish the battery level guage was more accurate and I also find it strange that anytime the charger is plugged it the tablet always powers on and stays on. But for the price you can’t come even close! Pick one up!

  • Chuck

    How soon do you think the Le Pan III will become available and any thoughts on price and will it be available on Amazon? Chuck from Duluth, MN