LastPass 3.0 update brings new design and new features

November 4, 2013

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A LastPass update has recently landed. This is the v3.0 update and those using the service will notice the change on the web, and if they are a Premium subscriber, also on mobile. Basically, this is a rather big update for LastPass. To begin with, there is a new look and feel that includes a Holo experience. Thankfully though, while the app and service has a new look and feel -- the core experience remains the same.

Basically, that is to say LastPass remains a solid option to store your passwords on the web and have them with you on a mobile device. Launching the app after the v3.0 update has been installed will bring some noticeable changes. The PIN prompt screen has been tweaked a bit, but from there you will launch into Sites. This is the list of all of your stored passwords.

This is where the new design comes into play, you swipe to the left to get to the Secure Notes and Form Fills pages. Or alternatively, you can still tap the appropriate header to switch sections. These are all on the main My Vault section of the app. This page also has a search box which allows for site/password searches as well as web searches.

This brings another aspect of the change, the browser portion of the app is said to have been optimized, which is basically to say it now has tabs, downloading and basic auth support. Anyway, while the mobile side of the LastPass v3.0 update have some notable changes, this in only half the picture -- there is also the web.

Some of the highlights from the web changes include a redesigned user experience and user interface as well as field icon menus for easy access to logins and tools, a shared family folder for up to five users, a secure note history to track changes to notes and Windows 8.1 support. LastPass Enterprise users also have some additional shared folder features.

All that being said, LastPass 3.0 is available and as it had been in the past, users can take advantage of the password management on the computer for free. Those looking to take LastPass mobile will need to be a Premium member and that will set you back $12 per year. And for those curious but not quite ready to commit, LastPass does offer a 14-day free trial.

SOURCE: LastPass, Google Play Store

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  • ComputerPhil

    Really wish LastPass would focus less on aesthetics and more on security, a new design won’t change the fact that their servers have been compromised multiple times. No point in offering your software at lower process than the competition if you are the only password manager that can’t protect your users’ data.

    • rcnut

      Wow, I’m surprised no one has called you out before for your outright lies. From your posting history here, it’s clear you’re a RoboForm fanboi, but do you have any proof to back up what you’re saying about LastPass? Didn’t think so.