Korean LG G2 seen with removable battery and micro SD slot

August 11, 2013

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It is a known, but sometimes still perplexing, practice for a smartphone model to have variants available only in certain markets that differ only in some hardware detail. So it comes as no surprise that Korea's version of the recently announced LG G2 would have some features that, to be honest, would make sense in all markets.

As detailed in our hands-on experience, the LG G2, which was unveiled last week, came with either 16 GB or 32 GB configurations for internal storage. It was also powered by a 3000 mAh battery. However, before the announcement, there have been some confusing information regarding a micro SD slot and a lower battery which were not mentioned during the event.

It seems that the information came from leaks of Korean specs for the LG G2. An unboxing video reveals that the Korean LG G2 indeed does have a micro SD slot for expanded storage. What's more, although it runs on a 2160 mAh battery, that battery is removable, unlike that of the international G2 version. Below is the unboxing video in Korean.

[youtube seIv7QbQtmk]

It boggles the mind sometimes why things are done that way. While the benefits of a replaceable battery is still a point of discussion, having a micro SD card slot is almost standard in most devices today. But that practice probably isn't going to change soon, so unless you're living in Korea, you're out of luck on this one. Or at least until an international version with the same features also becomes available.


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  • Unfortunately, non-removable batteries and lack of microSD storage seem to be becoming the norm for the USA at least. Why the manufacturers are screwing us over and not the rest of the world is a mystery to me.

    • bob

      it’s no mystery they want to be able to trac your every move & not alow u to have removable imformation that they cant read

  • Gary

    I was going to get this as a replacement for my Note 2 on the understanding it had a 3000mah removable batter and micro SD card slot. If that’s not the case, then LG have lost me as a potential new customer. Epic fail as far as I’m concerned so I will continue to go with Samsung.

    • melhiore

      Yeap… I’m going for Samsung Galaxy S4 next month… LG is a fail….

    • Chris Savage

      Agreed. I was pumped about this phone, but Sd slot and removable battery are necessities for me as a business traveler who tethers to my phone constantly with my laptop and tablet. I feel like the greatest advantage of android over iPhones is a removable battery and the expandable storage (as well as customizability). LG Fail.

  • Rick

    Do not buy phones with locked batteries and forced limited memory space (no SD slots). Not buying them is the best way to show our displeasure to the phone makers. How stupid to build a phone where we cannot replace the rechargable batteries. Who will want to buy a used 2 year old phone knowing the battery must be factory replaced when it is time to replace it? These phones will be worthless in 2 years knowing the batteries cannot be updated and that will make them tougher to sell and cause them to fill up our area trash collection areas. This is not a good GREEN idea by the cell phone companies purposely making phones where they will be thrown away in our trash bins so soon. This is not a GREEN future movement!.

  • bob

    this is because the united states will not pass up an opportunity to not be able trac you by allowing u to take out your battery or the ability to read your information by allowing removable staorage. fight the good fight people boycott these phones