Jury awards Apple $290 million in retrial versus Samsung

November 21, 2013

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The verdict is in. The Apple vs. Samsung retrial has come to a close, with the jury awarding Apple $290 million in damages. This is a stark contrast to the original $1.05 billion verdict, and still quite a bit less than the nearly $600 million Judge Lucy Koh later reduced it to.

Of course, this trial was never about winning or losing. The actual decision had already been given, with this case having more to do with punitive damages, as well as closing a chapter. This trial sets a precedent moving forward; not only for Samsung and Apple, but the entire industry.

This verdict is quite a bit less than the nearly $400 million Apple was asking for, but a big bump from the $52 million Samsung felt was appropriate. At the time we write this, the two sides are in a 30 minute break. The recess is meant to give them both time to review the ruling, and state any objections to the court. All tolled, Samsung will end up owing nearly $900 million to Apple.

For the uninitiated, this all stems from Apple claims that Samsung copied their design to sell devices to those who may not otherwise be able to tell the difference. In the original trial, such damning evidence as internal Samsung emails form executives, which had verbiage such as “it should look more like an iPhone”, sealed the deal. The resulting verdict was questioned heavily, calling for this quick retrial to allow a second jury to decide on damages. That has been done, but the global war rages on. Apple and Samsung are still locked in battle elsewhere, but this verdict should cast a positive glow for Apple, moving forward.

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  • David Loman

    It is because of these stupid laswuits that Apple sucks more and more with every new iPhone. Nothing really innovative, same old crap but with girly colors.

    • tiger

      Samsung more innovative? Bogus eye gestures vs most powerful truly innovative A7 chip? TouchID vs face unlock? 8mp camera that beats out all Android?

      Nah, Apple sucks.

      • ed

        They are both overrated.

      • David Loman

        Face unlock is not a Samsung only feature. Touch ID? Have you read the reviews? It is buggy and nobody uses it. It is just a show off feature. A7 64bit chip… they put out something the developer market is not even prepared for. In any case, thanks to them, the developers will start working on 64 bit apps and when the rest of the Android devices come out with 64 bit chips, the 64 but market will already be there. I’m not really a Samsung fan but it is thousands of times more innovative than Apple… Btw, this is a website for Android. iSheeps are not accepted

  • Promo Grabber

    The sad part about this is the idea that there is some kind of battle occurring. APPLE buys PARTS for the iPhone from SAMSUNG. SAMSUNG earns REVENUES from APPLE because of this.

    All Apple has done is sue Samsung to the point that Samsung must give Apple some of that money back. Which Apple will give back to Samsung for MORE parts. And in the end, all this has done is make both companies pay lawyers lots of money for nothing important to happen. MEANWHILE, other company’s are making actual Apple AND Samsung knockoffs which are total junk and cost both firms even more money.

    The whole thing is just pathetic. You cannot wage a war against another entity if that entity is also part of your supply lines. If this were an actual battle, Samsung could end all contracts with Apple and make big product moves using the increased supply they would have from the cancelled contracts for making their own products. Meanwhile, Apple will be busy in recovery, trying to find new suppliers and setting up new protocols for continued construction.