Jabra has announced the availability of their Music series of headphones. These include the Revo Wireless, Revo and Vox. The Revo models are regular headphones and the Vox model is a set of earbuds. Jabra touts these as offering a “state-of-the-art design” and with perks in terms of sound quality and durability. The headphones also arrive with the Jabra Sound companion app, which is said to be able to give the user an enhanced music experience with the addition of full Digital Dolby Plus.

The app is called Jabra Sound and can be found by way of the Google Play Store. More important here, the headphones themselves. They can be found with a variety of retailers including Amazon. The Revo Wireless are priced at $250, the Revo are priced at $199 and the Vox earbuds are priced at $99.

The Revo Wirelss headphones can be paired using NFC (or by regular means using Bluetooth 3.0) and feature “Turntable Touch Control” so you can play, pause and skip tracks directly from the side of the headphones. The controls also allow you to manage your calls. These headphones should be able to provide up to 12 hours of talk time or up to 12 hours of streaming music playback. They charge over USB and have battery status indicator and charge alerts.

The Revo headphones are similar to the wireless model, with the obvious exception in that they are not wireless. These are the same look and style as the wireless headphones, just with a cord attached. The cord is your standard 3.5mm which means they should work nicely with your smartphone, tablet or computer. The Vox earbuds also tout Dolby sound. These earbuds have tangle-free cords, an inline mic for calls and ship with a variety of ColorCore ear gels for a better fit.

[via Jabra]

  • lollicup04

    This is how they should have priced it instead

    Revo Wireless $150 instead of $250
    Revo $100 instead of $200
    Vox Earbuds $50 instead of $100

    Headphones shouldn’t cost as much as down payment for a car or rent. Not many people can afford this type of luxury. At the prices they set people can’t even consider these as an option. However at the prices I set it it would be alot more affordable to 70% of their target demographic imo.