Isis mobile wallet goes nationwide with T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon

November 14, 2013

Isis mobile payments are now available nationwide. The mobile payment solution launched with support for three of the four major US carriers and will work with select devices and at select retail locations. The carrier support includes T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon Wireless -- and each have a different version of the Isis Mobile Wallet app available.

Similar to what we have seen with Google Wallet, Isis uses NFC (Near Field Communication), which means only select Android handsets will be compatible. Isis also requires what they refer to as an "enhanced" SIM card, which is basically another way of saying that in addition to downloading the app -- you will need to either call or visit your carrier for an different SIM card to get up and running.

That said, the Isis Mobile Wallet will allow users to shop, pay and save. The wallet is PIN protected and currently supports credit cards from American Express and Chase. Isis users can also add money to their wallet using an American Express Serve account, which expands the supported credit cards and also includes debit cards and bank accounts for funding.

Details from Isis point towards "hundreds of thousands of locations nationwide." Nonetheless, we suspect the availability will vary depending on where you live, work or play. Isis does have a "where" page available, and in our testing, we found three locations close, one of which was Office Depot.

Along with making payments using an NFC capable device, Isis also stores loyalty card details and finds nearby retailers that offer cards you may not yet have. With that, the Isis app is available in the Google Play Store for T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon Wireless.


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  • Weudel

    So, Verizon locked out Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus for this and now it’s not even supported… figures.

  • Chad D

    Can’t download to my N5. Do you need the new SIM first?

  • Show Me YOUR Money!!!

    How much more money do these carrier oligopolies want? Talk about financial gluttony!

  • OssianGrr

    I’d like to use NFC payments and I don’t really care whether they go through Google or ISIS, but why is Isis compatible with Galaxy Note 2 but not Note 3??

  • Richard Soper

    This is just sad. Google Wallet is far more versatile than ISIS, but the carriers just cant stand people using things out of their control. Good thing Ive got my unlocked Nexus 5. GOOGLE WALLET FTW!