Is the Motorola Calgary the new Motorola Devour A555?

December 18, 2009

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Once again, Motorola comes into the news despite the Nexus One craze out there. This time with a phone that probably many of you have forgotten; the Motorola Calgary. But apparently, it will not be named Calgary after all, instead, it will be the Devour A555, according to PhoneArena.

Apparently, the Motorola Calgary was supposed to become the first Motorola Android phone and also the first Android on Verizon. Well, that never happened, but instead, Verizon got the first Android 2.0 device; the DROID by Motorola. But now, Verizon might end up getting the "DROID's little brother".

Yes, you read that right, many people seem to think that the Motorola Devour A555 - which is believed to be the new name for the Motorola Calgary - is “the little brother” of the Verizon DROID by Motorola. The upcoming Devour is expected to arrive with a 3MP camera, and sporting Motorola's MOTOBLUR, along with Android 2.1 when it's released.

  • Mary

    This is my 3rd replacement in 7 mos! The A555 is a piece of garbage that verizon refuses to make right. I have to continually reboot then verizon does a hard reboot which deletes everything off my phone and then they give me a refurbished which again I have to reload everything yet again!