So, today is Apple day in case no one managed to notice the flood of news on basically every social network platform. Apple has just unveiled their all new iPhone 5 today along with a few improved iPods. We all knew it was coming, we knew the specs, and now it’s official. While we are obviously Android fans at heart here at AC the news is worth a quick mention.

We have to give them a little coverage. After all, knowing and learning about the competition is a great way to approach the situation. We’ve seen countless leaks for weeks and weeks about the all new iPhone, and today they confirmed the iPhone 5. With an amazing 4-inch Retina display, a powerful processor (not sure if dual or quad-core) and 4G LTE. Basically everything we were expecting last year and what many Android smartphones have been enjoying for well over a year.

“This is unlike anything we or anyone else in our industry has made before.“

While Apple’s new man in charge Tim Cook was on stage the quote above was one of the many he stated. We thought it was certainly worth a mention just to see our readers thoughts. The new iPhone 5 does look pretty dressed in all brushed aluminum, but I’d hardly say it’s like “anything else” in the industry. Overall Apple did make some rather neat adjustments. The smartphone is taller, it has a bigger display, better battery life, and improved 8 megapixel camera (with panorama mode now), 720p front facing Facetime video camera, a faster processor, and is made of nothing but durable aluminum and glass on the outside.

This time around Apple focused more on the hardware during their announcement and didn’t get into too many iOS 6 operating system details, but they continue to call it the “world’s most advanced mobile operating system.” We can’t really say we were expecting more, and that is because we already knew what to expect from the countless leaks we’ve already seen of the smartphone.

An Android fan might go through the device’s specifications and find nothing entirely new here. Yes Apple has an ecosystem that is wide, powerful, and still flourishing but everything we saw today has been available on Android for the better part of the past year or more. We don’t want to get the trolls started but feel free to drop us a few “friendly” comments in the comment box below with your thoughts, comments, or concerns. For those interested in everything that happened today you can see more from our sister site SlashGear, and you can even check out their iPhone 5 hands-on. (and yes, they had a thumbs up on stage)

  • thedeafguy

    Your move Google. Give me the new Nexus phone

  • Paul_Werner

    Now that it has LTE maybe Samsung can get some revenge with lawsuits. #BoycottApple

    • That’s what I’ve heard.

    • USCanthony

      Samsung is already preparing the paperwork for that lawsuit. I am sure Samsung would like nothing more than a court injunction temporarily putting the brakes on the sale of the iPhone 5 until the court can determine if Samsung has a valid violation claim. Unfortunately anything LTE related will most likely fall under FRAND these days so Samsung won’t have a valid case/claim. Still, they can at least spoil Apples party for a short while.

  • 155

    Looks evolutionary not revolutionary. If you have an iPhone and like it, it’s a nice upgrade, but it lacks any killer features like Siri to draw new users in. It brings them in line with their competitors instead of leap frogging them.

  • alex

    same shit !!!!!! Mr,Foxconn CEO. Everybody remember what he sad .!?

  • IFan 5

    I would be surprised to see if iPhone 5 (just playing catch-up) will set sales record – unless people buying it are both deaf and dumb

  • Zach

    “Unlike anything we or anyone else in our industry has made before”.. I guess it’s true we’ve never seen so many android features packed behind that Apple logo. Except I wouldn’t say we haven’t seen it before – iOS didn’t do much but copy android either…

  • USCanthony

    The real big news has to be that Apple has invented a time machine and has not gone public with that news. How else can Tim Cooks appearence at a press conference in September of 2012 be explained? His gushing comment about how the iPhone 5 is unlike anything else in the industry surely proves that he is living in 2010.