The folks from Google recently pulled a new app off of their Google Play Store due to copyright infringement claims from Apple. What was the app? An Android app that emulates the recently announced “Control Center” drawer in Apple’s iOS 7. It was a complete copy of the look, feel, and basically every aspect of the upcoming iOS 7 feature, and is now readily available for Android users.

Just like the pulldown notification bar in Android, this pullup bar from the bottom gives you quick access to tons of different options and controls. Things like setting the brightness, toggling on or off your WiFi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, mobile data and more. The Control center has a nice pause/play widget-like option for controlling your music and more.

It’s clear that Apple is playing catch-up with Android with their new Control Center, and no one’s really doubting that. The issue here is this app is a blatant rip-off of Apple’s design, and now released to everyone with an Android device. Although, most manufacturers have been offering this for more than a year on Android, and 4.2 Jelly Bean introduced a quick settings menu of their own. This though, is basically iOS’ version packaged for Android.

The app was quickly removed from the Google Play Store earlier this week following the complaint by Apple, but this afternoon it is back and available to all. A new version has apparently surfaced that removed whatever Apple had mentioned, but once you use it you’ll clearly see the resemblance. We’re not sure how long it will last, but those interested can grab it below.

VIA: Play Store SOURCE: Apple Insider

  • Marty Werner

    This is something I don’t understand. I went with an Android device because I cannot stand Apple. Why in the world would I want to make my device look like an Apple device. Android is far superior then Apple.

    • I have absolutely no f’ing clue. I’m fine with my notification widgets in CM, TouchWiz, and others.. Not to mention the quick settings in Android 4.2

      I’ll never use this app, but to each his own.

    • Jeff Leger

      It’s just a fun way to show the iZombies that their devices aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. I highly doubt any Android user would actually use this on a consistent basis.

  • Josh Holtrust

    I don’t get it. Android users are EXTREMELY VOCAL about their dislike for Apple… But yet they want their Android phone to look and operate like an iPhone…? Doesn’t make sense to me but whatever floats your boat.

    • Nick DeRose

      I once was a iPhone user for a year and hated it, but now I’m with Android, and love it. I do not want my phone to look like the iPhone. If I want to, I would go get the iPhone 5, but I’m not going too.

    • joshhultrustisamoron

      you’re right, because EVERY SINGLE PERSON with an Android phone will download this app, as we ALL want our phones to look like iOS. it doesn’t mean it’s what everyone wants just because it’s available. idiot.

      • Josh Holtrust

        Hey moron, I didn’t say “every single person with an Android phone” I said “Android users.”

        I’m an Android user and I don’t use this, so it’s kind of obvious to me that not every single Android user would download this.

        Learn to comprehend before you comment, fool.

  • Christopher Robert

    Let me see if everyone can follow my logic…

    Apple copied Android and added toggles to a control center, then an Android Dev copied Apple and gave the feature to Android users?
    Does this make any sense?

    Why is apple sending Google a take down request for copyright violation for something they copied from Android?

    • Joseph

      there is actually a difference between “stealing” ideas from android and implement them into ios, and literally copying the same exact ui on ios onto an android. do the toggles look the same on ios 7 than they do on android? no, quit your whining shit.