In their first quarter shareholder announcement, chip maker Intel announced that they would be embracing the Bot by porting the Honeycomb Android source code. The move was welcomed by Wall Street as shares of Intel rose 7.8% on the news. Intel plans to offer chips for Android based tablets within the next few months. There’s also plans for smartphones running on with Intel inside.

“We’ve received the Android code – the Honeycomb version of Android source code – from Google, and we’re actively doing the port on that,” Intel’s chief executive Paul Otellini said.

The news not only boosted the share price on Intel stock, but it also served to quash rumors that lean days were ahead for the chip manufacturer since more and more users are opting for mobile smartphones and tablets than PC purchases. By jumping into the Android pool with both feet, Intel is essentially saying “if you can’t beat em, join em.” It also gives Android device manufacturers options and competition always means faster chips sooner and lower prices. In fact, Otellini said at the announcement that Intel based smartphones were on the horizon and should be in the market within a year.

Intel shares for the first quarter rose by 29 percent to $3.16 billion. So the outlook is rosy for the chip maker who is diversifying where the public is going. But could it also mean Android may come to Intel desktops and notebooks? That would certainly be something to watch out for.

[via Pocket Lint]

  • Anonymous

    What makes you think it was their mention of porting Honeycomb to x86 and not their fantastic quarterly earnings? That’s just silly. Pocket-Lint shouldn’t be reporting on quarterly financials, if that’s the type of reporting they’re providing. Android is popular, but it’s certainly not the reason Intel’s stock rose.

  • That’s great android finding another giant!!..

  • Anonymous

    Hey Google have Intel build your Nexus Tab with Honeycomb, oops did i say that. 😉

  • Microsoft should be a little scared because the OS competition will thicken from milk to cream